Turn your anger on your leaders if they fail to show leadership – NDC supporters told

NDC supporters

NDC supporters

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The Executive Director of the Alliance for Social Equity and Public Accountability (ASEPA) Mensah Thompson has called on supporters of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) to turn their anger towards their leaders should they fail show good leadership in handling what he described as the stolen verdict of Ghanaians.

Mensah Thompson in statement said, the ordinary Ghanaians on the street knows that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) did not win the December 2020 general elections.

According to him, “the mood in the streets of our Country after that charade of a declaration by Mrs. Jean Mensa shows clearly that the will of the Ghanaians has been subverted!”

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He therefore put out some fundamental question is asking what the National Democratic Congress is doing about the irregularities identified in the December 2020 Polls.

“It’s been over 48hours, your supporters are being killed and brutalized across th Country, your Parliamentary Candidates are being maimed in a brute attempt to overturn your Parliamentary majority and these “women” you have as leaders are hiding in their houses, leaving the ordinary foot soldiers to the mercy of these criminals who have no respect for human lives….Damn!”

“I just learnt that a committee was put together yesterday to write a speech for his Excellency John Mahama to address the nation and they came out with this flowery speech…Christ! The NDC has become a church….and it’s just too embarrassing to watch! This is why the NPP always beat you guys, they know have no balls, they know you can’t bite, they know your leadership is indecisive and compromised and most of all they know your are WEAK!”

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“See those thinking about 2024, should forget it outrightly if they fail to protect the mandate of the people and allow this illegality to suffice! There would be NO NDC in 2024, by the time these criminals are done with a second term …I can assure you!”

He again said, “Now to the NDC grassroot, your leaders already have their belly full and would definitely find their way around to survive in the next four years…what about you! And so they are failing to fight for you, but I tell you what…black lives matter started in someone’s lobby, you don’t need these cowards to act, you must fight your rights, your votes and your future! Anyone who won’t allow to stand up now for your future is NOT leader, the person is your enemy!”

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He has called on the the NDC supporters to rise up, young people, the Party belongs to you!!! Rise up and defend your mandate, don’t let the indifference of your leadership cow you down!! Hit the street, protest in all legitimate means, let the world know that their silence is destroying one of Africa’s finest democracy!

Let the American Ambassador and UK High Commissioner who accompanied Jean Mensa and to declare those flawed results know that they are responsible for destabilizing one of Africa’s finest democracy by aiding the abetting the incumbent to rig an election is such raw, open and reckless manner that leaves the people of Ghana almost numb!

“Let the integrity and credibility of the EC built over the last 28 years not be destroyed.” – Sulemana Braimah

The International Observer Missions who came to observe this elections are still around, the still have their results totally different from what Jean Mensa announced, if you keep quiet they will park their things and leave…

“I am NOT asking for violence, when the NPP hit the streets after the 2012 elections for the infamous let my vote count March, there weren’t enemies of the State, they were protectors of democracy, who were exercising their civil rights to protest when they disagree with outcome of an elections. So why is the NDC hiding in their rooms and shouting the elections was rigged when they have rights just like the NPP in 2012?” He asked.

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“And let no one deceive the NDC that they don’t have support in the military or the Police, they have tremendous support in the Armed Forces, for the past 48 hours I have received series of calls from men in uniform, some senior service members, they are ready to protect the people if they protest peacefully and within reasonable limits!”

No one is calling for bloodshed, what we are calling for is a civil action guaranteed under the 1992 constitution, rights accrued to all Ghanaians including members of the NDC!

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Folks, the decision is yours, four years of hunger, four years illusion, four years of bleak prospects and four years of nothingness and suffering!

Choice is yours!!

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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