Video: School Girl Explains Why Government Should NOT Reopen Schools

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in Ghana, the Government of Ghana has  put in place measures to help curb and contains the spread of the pandemic which includes the closure of School, churches, mosques, beaches among other places where people mass up to undertake activities.

However, within the past two weeks, there have been many reports of the Ghana Education Service putting plans in place to reopen schools which many education and health experts have kicked against.

A student has related to the rumors of plans to reopen schools. In a short video made by the girl, she explained why they the pupils will not go to school even if schools are reopened now.



She argued that when even advanced countries like france reopened schools, they recorded  Seventy four (74) cases within the first week. She also explained that, even if they go to school and complete, they’ll not get universities to attend or jobs to do because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is what she said in the video;

Am hearing that they said school school and I don’t understand, now the school that you want to go, what ate you going to do there? If you finish, you’ll go and write exams. Okay if you finish writing the exams, where are you going to send the results so they can employ you or where will you even go to the university with the result. If you’ve not heard the news, in france , the opened schools for just one week and seventy four (74) people got infected with the disease. They that they are even an advance country. Saying they you’ll observe protocols. Why for them are they observing ballot box? We will not go to any school today or tomorrow. Whether you like it or not We will all stay at home.









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