Vital things to note when applying for GES recruitment/posting

GES E-Voucher
GES E-Voucher

There are vital things one must take note of when applying for the Ghana Education Service (GES) recruitment through the online portal.

There are technicalities in the application process for GES recruitment. Sometimes, petty errors will disqualify applicants from being shortlisted although he/she possess the requisite documents for recruitment.

Certain errors applicants must take note of when filing GES online application.


Bio Data must be carefully filled without making any errors. Make sure, the following information are correctly provided.

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1. Your name

2. NSS Number

3. College Index Number/University Index Number

4. Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination (GTLE) Index Number

5. SSNIT Number etc.

Key things you must be circumspect on when applying for GES recruitment

Finance Ministry grants Financial Clearance for recruitment of Newly Trained Teachers

1. Applicants are advised not to use their mobile phone to apply.

2. Visit any nearest Internet Café to do so where there is a scanner.

3. All certificates must be scanned and not snapped with your phones before uploading them.

4. Make sure you sign on your Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination (GTLE) Certificate where it is displayed holders signature at the bottom of your passport picture of your Certificate.

5. You will have ample time for the 2021 GES recruitment as the portal will be opened for a reasonable number of days so please do not rush. Get someone to guide you if you don’t understand anything.

Required Certificates for GES online application for recruitment/posting

6. The Course you offered is for example, Diploma in Basic Education.

a. Major – General/Science and Mathematics/Early Childhood

b. Minor – Your Elective

7. Don’t do double registration. If you are applying and due to some circumstances you can’t continue again you will be given a code (application form code) that you will use to login to continue when you visit the site again.

Vital information on Basic Education Certificate Examination

Things you must make available before going to the Café to apply for the GES have been outline in this article.

Don’t forget to get these items along;

1. SSNIT Number

2. NSS Number

3. GTLE Index Number

4. College Index Number and school  Registration Number in the case of University graduates

5. Your residential address

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