Volta NDC calls on government to urgently support 145 flood-affected health workers

Hon. Woyome provides additional accomodation for health workers who were displaced by Akosombo Dam spillage

Hon. Woyome provides additional accomodation for health workers who were displaced by Akosombo Dam spillage

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The National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Volta Region is urgently calling upon the ruling government to provide vital support to the 145 dedicated health workers who have been profoundly impacted by the recent flood devastation caused by the spillage of excess water from our nation’s hydroelectricity installations at Akosombo and Kpong.

In a statement, Sorkpa Kafui Agbleze ,the NDC Volta Regional Communications Officer said, per records currently available to the NDC, there are some 76 displaced health workers in South Tongu, 51 in North Tongu and 18 in Central Tongu.

This imperative assistance is crucial at the moment to empower these workers and other such essential paramedics to effectively address the health crisis facing the other thousands of victims taking refuge in safe havens and temporary shelters.

In the wake of this catastrophic flooding incident, our health workers especially have shown unwavering dedication and commitment to the welfare and recovery of our fellow citizens who have become victims.

They have since the disaster been conspicuous on the front lines, tirelessly working to provide medical care, essential services, and support to the affected individuals and communities.

However, unfortunately, it is evident that these brave individuals are facing enormous challenges, including damage to their own homes, displacement, and the emotional toll of witnessing the suffering of their fellow nationals and even relatives.

It is our responsibility as a nation to stand by them during this difficult time and ensure that they can continue to perform their vital roles effectively.

The Volta NDC therefore firmly implores the government of the day to be up and doing and quickly take immediate steps to:

1. Provide financial assistance to the affected health workers and other essential public sector employees to help them recover from the flood-related losses they have incurred.

2. Ensure the availability of safe and suitable accommodations for these workers and their families to alleviate the burden they currently face.

3. Facilitate access to psychological and emotional support services to those who require same now in order to help them cope with the trauma they have witnessed.

4. Specifically provide an immediate assistance to the Richard Novati Catholic (Comboni) Hospital, which was submerged by the flood waters and had to be completely shut down. An urgent financial and logistical intervention will not only bring the facility back on its feet and as well save the jobs of some 51 employees whose livelihoods were badly affected by the flood, but will also help them fully resume service delivery to the people in South Tongu and beyond. The current pressure being witnessed on the District Hospital facilities will thus be drastically reduced.

It is imperative that we come together as a nation to support these heroes who are tirelessly serving our communities in this time of crisis. We call on the government to demonstrably prioritize their well-being and welfare, as they currently are the backbone of all our response efforts.

We also encourage other stakeholders, non-governmental organizations, and citizens to join us in this collective effort to ensure that our health workers and other essential public sector employees receive the assistance and recognition they deserve.

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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