Volta NDC exposes NPP; Says ‘When an animal is frightened, it has a distinct behaviour” see details here

Wonya Makafui (Middle)
Wonya Makafui (Middle)

The Volta Regional Secretariat of National Democratic Congress has responded swiftly to the Volta Regional New Patriotic Party on what they described as an empty agenda to disenfranchise innocent Ghanaians in the Volta Region from participating in the ongoing Electoral Commission’s new voter’s registration exercise.

In a press statement released by the Communications Directorate of the Volta Regional NDC signed by Sorkpa K. Agbleze (RCO) and Delali Bright Kugbeadzor (DRCO), described the NPP as an animal which when frightened, has a distinct behaviour runs away.

VIDEO: Security Personnel arrest 3 Togolese at Zukpe in Ketu North for illegally crossing the boarder to register for Voter’s ID


In a rejoinder, the NDC noticed that, the press conference held by the NPP Volta Regional Chairman Mr. Makafui Wonya on 3rd August, 2020 in the Ketu South Constituency has rather expose them more than ever.

Read the Volta Regional NDC’s full rejoinder copies to the front deck of Coverghana.com.gh

“When an animal is frightened, it has a distinct behaviour”

‘And when an animal, like the elephant is caged, it has a distinct cry.’

Akufo Addo has shown overwhelming commitment to the development of Ghana’s health delivery system – Nana B 

NPP is very much frightened by the number of people coming out to register in the Volta Region, despite the deployment of huge military personnel’s in the region to suppress the registration.

The NPP claimed in their press conference organized and addressed by their regional chairman yesterday, that the NDC has created illegal routes for Togolese to register in Ghana.

How on earth will ordinary citizens outsmart trained officers and create illegal routes when this trained security officers are stationed along the border lines in the region.

Akufo-Addo is a threat to Ghana’s democracy; He’s a tribal bigot, vote him out – Yayra Koku

The hurried nature that the NPP organized their press conference shows their agenda has failed and only expressing their panicky situation.

The fear of the NPP has been exposed when they went to Avoeme School 1&2 registration centers in Ketu South yesterday instructing the EC officials to make sure the registration officers (RO) are reduced from two to one in Ketu South, in other to slow the registration process.

With no credible evidence left, they have resorted to orchestrated panic.

Their inordinate desire to create the impression that there are Togolese on our register has been defeated. This defeat is demonstrated by the NPP desperate attempt to tag some Ghanaians who were going to register as Togolese. The NPP in this folly of theirs, harassed some elderly citizens who were going to register at the district assembly center in Agortime Ziope, they were quick to tell the world that these people were Togolese. The people were manhandled, brutalised and embarrassed. This action was carried out by the NPP regional executives led by the regional chairman himself.


Deployment of the Heavy Security into Volta and Oti Regions has created so much suspicion – J. J Rawlings

And when, he has another opportunity to meet the Press, one would have thought the civil thing to do, will be to apologise for the deceit of the public in the matter of the Mr. Agbeviade and his colleagues from Agortime.

The Police has established that these people were actually Ghanaians and one of them was a retired military officer.
It is very sad the NPP treated a retired military officer, WO Agbeviade who worked for long with the Ghana armed forces and now on pension in such an inhumane manner and branded him as a Togolese.

Another failed attempt was the military in the company of some NPP vigilante group went to ransacked some houses in Honuta, in search of Togolese to no avail and the wrong accusation of the Awafiaga (warlord) and the sub-chiefs of Honuta that their faces looked more Togolese than Ghanaian.

Why Nana Addo, the President of the Republic would allow such characters to represent and ridicule his persona is difficult to imagine.

We in the Volta branch of the NDC, have encouraged our members staying outside the region to register wherever there are, hence we have our own script and narrative about the ongoing registration exercise.

The NPP we know are indeed scared about the current ongoing registration exercise because they have shot themselves in the foot.

As of 1st August, 2020 Bantama in the Ashanti region has registered only 71,579 compared to 81,629 recorded in 2019 and Manhyia 97,525 compared to 128,998 recorded in the 2019 register hence the panic nature of the NPP.

We emphasize our long held view that the NPP does not understand the terrain in the Volta Region, and should apply their sensibilities because Volta Region will always be part of Ghana.

The NPP must urgently apologise to the people of the Volta Region and Ghanaians for their diabolical and Machiavellian schemes that is potentially destroying the national cohesion of the country.

The odds are indeed against the NPP in the upcoming 2020 elections.


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