Voltarians share war songs, videos to face military personnel in Volta Region

The People of Volta Region have flooded social median platforms with war songs and videos to scare heavy military personnel in the Volta Region.

The videos which were spotted by Coverghana.com.gh saw warriors in red attires holding knifes and machetes and others displaying their prowess as if there are ready for war.

This display is one of the Ewe cultures which mostly take place when they are prepared for war. The videos were circulated on social media following the deployment of heavy military personnel to the Ghana-Togo boarder at Aflao and its adjoining communities in the Region.


According to some social media users, the Presence of the military personnel have created some mix feelings among them since the exact reason for their deployment has been contradicted by many communicators of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) government.

A few of them indicated that, the videos circulating on social media platforms are not new development, but they deem it necessary to share them to solicit for support and awaken the Ewe communities to prepare ahead of time should the military attack them.


Meanwhile, Togbui Sri the Awomefia of Anlo who was addressing his people on the deployment of military personnel to the Ketu-South Constituency to intimidate his subjects ahead of the voter ID registration expected to start on Tuesday cautioned the general public and sent a strong warming to politicians that, “If they dare the people of Volta Region, they will not live to take their oath of office”



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