We are being considered as animals; They don’t care about our lives – lawyer John Ndebugre

A renowned Lawyer John Ndebugre expresses worry over government inability to provide proper safety protocols to the people of Upper East to effectively address the novel coronavirus in the area. According to him, the government under President Akufo-Addo considers them as animals and don’t care about their lives. He noted that, the people of Upper East are dying from the novel coronavirus like animals.

Narrating an incident that took place within his community, he said “one day I was preparing for a funeral ceremony somewhere and one person was reported dead. We didn’t know whether he died of COVID-19 or not because there is no testing going on here. People were toughing corps, toughing the corps everywhere until the deceased was buried.”

He indicated that, when government officials are addressing issues on Coronavirus on Radio stations and Television, they only concentrate on Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi. He added that, they hardly talk about coronavirus cases in the Upper East Region and Tamale.


According to him, government does that because, they see them to be animals and don’t care about them. “we died oooo we don’t died ooo they don’t care about us and we are just here.” He lamented.

“I’m just within Upper East region here since they announced the spread of the coronavirus, people have called me to represent them in court as their lawyer but they call me and become tired because I’m not moving to Accra. The virus is real and very dangerous.” He added.

Lawyer John Ndebugre said, they are not afraid of dying from the virus, but dying through this virus is not good since family members won’t have access to the deceased body.

“Your family cannot touch you, people from no where will have to burry you while your family looks lonely, this is the reason why people like us do not like else as I’m in my 70s why should I be afraid to died.” He told.

He argued that, “one man last said all ‘died be died’ this time around is all died no be died because this kind of death isn’t pleasant for you and your family.”

Lawyer John Ndebugre angrily said, “every three days we are in the Navrongo market, Garu, market Bawku, Zebilla market and you will see people selling dog meet, pig meet, Dawadawa and so many things. Everyone touches what he or she wants and later drop it and go because he or she is not interested in buying it. Many of us don’t have hand sensitizers, gloves and face masks. I want to change the market days here from three days to every seven days and they hold me and I have to go back. I said then, you are not hard workers if not you won’t be going to the market every three days” Lawyer Ndebugre reflects back on his days as a minister.


According to him, “the education minister was narrating his story that he nearly died of covid-19 and if he is having his rival he won’t wish him/her to died of this virus.
Minister for regional reorganisation Dan Botwe has also said,, for him every thing he has to do in his office is to use sensitizers and he is surprised where he got the virus. But here we are in the market every three days and most of us do not observe any protocol.” He explained.

He further said, “when they say vulnerable, we are the vulnerable people but they don’t care about us here, their only interest is in Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi. They have forgotten about us here. If you want to know the gravity of the virus, unless testing is done. Since you don’t test, why will you say Accra or Kumasi recorded more cases.”

Lawyer John Ndebugre also made reference to Burundi president who died of COVID-19 and was buried while a new president was swore into office.

He added that, “president Burundi said the WHO was telling lie and they do not have covid-19, so WHO then always recorded Burundi zero, zero so the President died.? We here we don’t do testing and how will you know whether you have the virus or not?” Lawyer Ndebugre lament on Sources FM 100.1 on the “hot pot” show with WESCO Gh host over government’s neglect in the Northern part of Ghana.


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