What To Avoid In Qatar Doha? Important Rules To Know About Qatar Doha

Qatar Country in the Middle East

Qatar, Country in the Middle East

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Laws are the basic and standard guidelines that govern societies. Qatar being an Arab country has its own rules and custom laws  that regulate citizens and foreigners who are willing to live peacefully.

Here in this article are some of the moves to avoid In Qatar Doha. 10 of these Important Rules To Know About Qatar Doha are;

1. Eating pork; Avoid eating pork at all cost when you’re in Qatar. Pork is prohibited in the land and you will be arrested if found guilty of such.

2. Kissing in public; Display of affection publicly such as kissing, cuddling and other intimate moments are also not allowed in Qatar.

3. Practicing same sex relationship/ marriage; One other thing to avoid in Qatar is homosexuality or same sex relationship. You will be arrested and jailed if involved in any such activities while you are in Qatar.

4. Dressing indecently; Wearing short, skimpy and inappropriate clothes to seduce the opposite sex is also considered an offense punishable by law in Qatar.

5. Drinking alcohol publicly; Drinking Alcohol is regulated in Qatar. It is an offensive act to be seen drinking Alcohol in the open or being drunk outside your home.

6. Taking pictures in unauthorized areas; There are areas in Qatar that are preserved for cultural activities and as such these places are not authorized for pictures. You should ask to be sure if a place is allowed for pictures before you do so.

7. Using hard drugs and narcotics; Hard drugs and narcotics such cocaine and hemps are not allowed into the Qatari. Anyone  found possessing or using such drugs will be arrested.

8. Rude behavior or disrespect to security officers; Whiles you’re in Qatar, you need to accord respect and dignity to citizens and security officers. Rude behavior and offensive languages in public are punishable.

9.Practicing prostitution or commercial sex activities; As a highly moral country, Qatar does not allow the operation of commercial sex or prostitution. This is considered as a capital offense in the country.

10. Fraudulent activities; Duping, stealing or defrauding people for their money and wealth is also prohibited in Qatar. Foreigners who will be caught in the act will be arrested and jailed or deported.


SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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