What you must know as a member or someone who wants to be a member of NPP

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has unvieled rules and regulations for its membership and and person who wants to be enrolled as a member of the Party.

In the party’s reviewed Constitution, membership is opened to any Ghanaian who desires and shows interest in the activities of the party to join.

Below are the full information on the Party’s Membership;


1. Membership of the Party shall be open to all citizens of voting age without regard to gender, ethnic origin, religious affiliation or status.

2. Any citizen may join the Party by declaration in a prescribed form of his or her intention to become a member and to abide by this Constitution.

3. Any person who desires to become a member of the Party may enroll for membership in any parliamentary constituency where the person resides or hails from, or in an external branch.

Aims and Objectives of the New Patriotic Party (NPP)

4. Every person shall, upon being enrolled, be issued with a membership card bearing the person’s name, postal address, house number, polling station and constituency or external branch in which the person has been enrolled.

5. There shall be three categories of membership:

a. Founding Members

b. Patrons

c. Members

a.  Founding Members are those persons who took part in bringing the Party into being and paid the prescribed fee.

b. Patrons are Members who undertake to
contribute to the national fund of the Party for the support of the Party’s organization such extra levies as the Party may impose from time to time.

c. Levies paid by Founding Members and Patrons shall be in addition to whatever membership dues they may pay in the constituency in which they are registered as Members.

6. A Patron who persistently fails to pay the levies duly imposed may cease to be such by having his or her name struck off the register of Patrons, provided, however, that any such Member whose name is struck off the register for this reason shall
have his or her name reinstated upon payment of all outstanding levies.

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) Constitution ||Download||

7. Persons who are neither Founding Members nor Patrons shall be described as Members.

B. Donations and Subscriptions

1. Every Member shall be liable to pay such amount of dues and in such a manner as the Party may from time to time determine.

2. Subject to the provisions of the laws governing political parties, any person or groups of persons, who agree with the aims, objectives, policies and programmes of the Party, may make donations to
the Party.

C. Rights of a Member A Member shall have the right to:

i. Participate in all activities of the Party, subject to rules and regulations governing such activities.

ii. Be heard whenever his or her activities and conduct are in question and under consideration by the Party.

iii. Contest for any position or office within the Party, in accordance with rules and regulations governing elections. A member shall be disqualified from holding any office or contesting any election in the
Party if he or she:

a. Has been convicted and / or sentenced by a court of competent jurisdiction in respect of any offence involving high treason, or an offence involving the security of the State, dishonesty, fraud or moral turpitude, unless a period of ten years has elapsed after the serving of the sentence or he or she has been granted a full pardon;

b. Suffers from mental disability.

c. Is not of good standing. A member shall be of good standing where he or she has paid in full and up to date all dues or levies he or she is liable to pay as a Member, and had discharged all his or her duties as a

D. Duties of a Member

A member shall;

i. Protect and promote the good name of the Party.

ii. Protect the unity of the Party.


iii. Be loyal and truthful to the Party.

iv. Abide by and publicly uphold the decisions of the Party.

v. Carry out his or her duties faithfully and with honesty to the best of his or her ability.

vi. Participate fully in the activities of the Party and ensure that the local organs of the Party work effectively and accountably.

vii. Pay dues as well as give donations for special programmes and activities as may be decided from time to time by the Party.

viii. Not initiate, commence or prosecute any legal proceedings whatsoever against the party or any other member of the Party relating to party affairs, without first having exhausted the grievance procedure laid down in this Constitution in respect of grievances against the Party or any other member.

E. Resignation of a Member

1  A member shall cease to be a member by writing and signing a letter addressed to his or her Constituency Chairperson declaring his or her intention to cease to be a member and forthwith surrendering his or her membership card.

2. Any person who, accordingly, ceases to be a member of the Party shall return to the Party any Party property in his or her custody and shall forfeit any monies, dues or donations made to the Party.

F. Suspension of a Member

1. A Member may be suspended from membership of the Party, or holding any office in the Party, pending an enquiry into his or her conduct by a Disciplinary Committee.

2. Any decision to suspend a Member shall not be taken unless the nature of the complaint has been communicated to the Member in writing, and disciplinary proceedings have been initiated against
such member.

G. Expulsion of a Member

1. A Member may be expelled from the Party on grounds of misconduct in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution, and upon such  expulsion shall cease to be a Member.

2. Any person who, accordingly, ceases to be a member shall return to the Party any party property in his or her custody and shall forfeit any monies, dues or donations made to the Party.

3. No Member shall be expelled unless such expulsion is effected in accordance with the provisions of Article 4 of this Constitution.

H. Forfeiture of Membership

1. A member of the Party who stands as an
independent candidate against the officially elected member of the Party or who joins or declares his or her support for another Political Party, or for an independent candidate when the Party has sponsored a candidate in a general or by-election automatically forfeits his or her membership of the Party.

2. Whenever a member ceases to be a member through resignation, expulsion from the Party or forfeiture of membership, the person may reapply for membership of the Party and the person may be readmitted on conditions provided in the Constitution, except where the National Executive Committee decides

I. Register of Members

1. There shall be kept at every polling station and in the office of the Party in each Constituency an up to date register of members of the Party in the Constituency which shall be updated every six months and forwarded to the National Secretariat.

2. The Regional Secretariat of the Party shall keep an up to date register of Founding Members and Patrons of the Party in its region and shall take custody of the list of registered members in all Constituencies of the region. The National
Secretariat shall keep a register of all
categories of members of the Party.

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