Who is Mion Lana Abdullai Mahammadu? Biography, Age, Wife, Children, Leadership

Mion Lana Abdullai Mahammadu
Mion Lana Abdullai Mahammadu

Mion Lana Abdullai Mahammadu Biography

Abdullai Mahammadu, born in 1974 is from the Traditional kingdom of Dagomba In Northern Ghana. As the first son of Ya Na Abdullai Mahammadu( the 4th) who is of blessed memory, he became the chief of Mion.

Abdullai Mahammadu ascended the throne at a very young age after his father had passed on. He earned the title Mion Lana when he became the chief and leader of the people of Mion.

Abdullai Mahammadu Age

Abdullai Mahammadu was born in 1974 and passed on in 2022. He was 48 years as at his death. Reports indicate that He died in Accra at the Korle Bu teaching hospital.


Abdullai Mahammadu years ruled

Abdullai Mahammadu was enskinned on 14th March, 2019 after his father’s funeral in December 2018.

Abdullai Mahammadu wife

Abdullai Mahammadu, Mion Lana had 4 wives as at 2019 when he was enskined.

Abdullai Mahammadu children

Abdullai Mahammadu had 12 children in all with his 4 wives.

Abdullai Mahammadu Leadership

Abdullai Mahammadu played a major role in resolving the chieftaincy conflicts in Dagbon and led the Abudu Family through it all.

He was exposed to the skin at the age of 14 as regent and had experience in the ruling of his people.

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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