Who is Pastor Agyemang Elvis: Alpha Hour

Pastor Agyemang Elvis

Who is Pastor Agyemang Elvis: Alpha Hour

Who is Pastor Agyemang Elvis?

Pastor Agyemang Elvis is the Founder and Head Pastor of Grace and Mountain Ministry and Convenor of Alpha Hour, an online/social media platform used for prayers, healing and supernatural breakthrough.

Name of Pastor Agyemang Elvis church

The name of Pastor Agyemang Elvis Church is Grace and Mountain Ministry. His church is located in Accra, Ghana.

Where is Pastor Agyemang Elvis church located?

Pastor Agyemang Elvis church, Grace and Mountain Ministry is located in Accra, the capital town of Ghana.


Who is the convenor of Alpha Hour?

Pastor Agyemang Elvis is the Convener of the prayer revival movement called Alpha Hour.

The Alpha Hour prayer session is always broadcast live ones every week via Pastor Agyemang Elvis’s social media handles such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Zoom.

In the recent times, Pastor Agyemang Elvis’s church cum Alpha Hour is rank the outstanding ministry in Ghana which is performing wonders, miracles, healing, and saving multitudes across the globe via weekly prayers.

Pastor Agyemang Elvis teachings on marriage and relationships

Aside the Alpha Hour Episode, Pastor Agyemang Elvis is known for his prolific and outstanding teachings on marriage and relationships under the Love Clinic Ministry.


His teachings on marriage and relationships have revived so many broken homes and reunited marriages and relationships with issues.

He is a God sent Man of God with extraordinary teaching and prophetic anointing cum accompanying signs and revelations.

Is Pastor Agyemang Elvis a writer?

Aside the Alpha Hour Episode and Marriage and Relationship teaching, Pastor Agyemang Elvis has written the under listed books

Pastor Agyemang Elvis books

1. Eternal Pathway

2. The Believer’s Dominion

3. The Lamb and the Beast

4. Accessing Your Blessings in the Great High Priest

5. The Mystery of Godliness Revealed.

Pastor Agyemang Elvis Age: How old is Pastor Agyemang Elvis?

Pastor Agyemang Elvis Age is not made public. Currently, there’s no valid information on his age. That, notwithstanding, out checks have proposed that, he is in his early 40s. We will update you shortly.

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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