“You’re Fàke and Easily bought” – Efia Odo tells Kwadwo Sheldon

Efia Odo and Kwadwo Sheldon
Efia Odo and Kwadwo Sheldon

Ghanaian actress Efia Odo says thrown some Jabs at renowned YouTube content Creator Kwadwo Sheldon.

According to the actress Efia Odo, the renowned YouTube content Creator Kwadwo Sheldon is circulating a f¶ke document online to defame them.

Efia Odo further added that, they are working hard to for the country—Ghana to move forward but some persons are creating distractions to defame and make them unpopular.


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In a tweet, the Ghanaian Comedian said;

“We are working our a$$ off and all you can do is create distractions. To defame our names just because we want the country to move forward? What kind of human being are you?? Kwadwo Sheldon you’re a disappointment, smh. Stop circulating that fake document!”

“Kwadwo Sheldon, that fràudulent document you just pulled out your a$$ is wack. I actually thought you was a real one but you’re fàke and easily bought! You’re cheap and I’ve lost any respect I’ve had for you! Why would you set an Agenda like this?? How much are they paying you??”


The fixTheCountry harshtag is being used by Ghanaians social media to protest against poor living conditions in the country.

However, a f¶ke document circulating on social media shows that some celebreties like Efia Odo who are championing the protest have submitted a budget to former President John Dramani Mahama to fund their intended protest March.

SOURCE : Coverghana.com.gh


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