2020 WASSCE: Educational Workers Connect cautions WAEC 

“It is said that Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful”.

Educational Workers Connect, once again congratulates all the stakeholders who are putting their shoulders to the wheel to ensure that this year’s WASSCE is malpractice free.

The Management of the Educational Worker Connect however, wish to caution the Examination body responsible for the conduct of the exams (WAEC) to do all they can to ensure that the integrity and the sanctity of the exams is not in any way compromised.


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In a statement issued by the Educational Workers Connect, signed by its Executive Secretary Daniel Yao Agbezudor, they are making this important call knowing well that, one of the crucial requirements of a quality education is how dignified, recognised and globally accepted the certificates and the results are as a result of a credible examination.

“It is in this regard that we call on WAEC to put in place water tight measures to avoid any form of leakages which will compromise the integrity of the exams. Anything short of this will mar the beauty of the exams, dent their hard earned reputation and drag the image of the entire educational system of the country into a mud.”

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According to them, eventually, it will also jeopardize the future of our younger brothers and sisters taking part in the examination.


The Educational Workers Connect reminds WAEC that, integrity is making sure that the things you say and the things you do are in alignment. They also remind WAEC that, integrity is perhaps the most important principle of leadership because it demands truthfulness and honesty.

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Finally, “we end our release by reiterating our urgent call on the Examination body not to disappoint the country. They must remember that many organizations and companies fail because of lack of integrity. This we pray does not befall our very much cherished examination body.”

We can assure them that, as a civil society interested in ensuring quality education in the country, we shall be monitoring the process from the beginning to the end and will not hesitate to make our views known if we find anything untoward going on during the exams.

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We wish WAEC all the best in their endeavours and hope that they will take all the necessary precautionary measures to conduct a very peaceful and credible examination that we will all be proud of.


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