NDC’s communicator punches an NPP’s staunch member on Dela Radio’s Hododio Programme

Samuel Kofi Agbenyo punches Francis Kenneth Yao Diamenu a.k.a Togbe Kokloye on Dela Radio's Hododio Programme

Mr. Samuel Kofi Agbenyo
Mr. Samuel Kofi Agbenyo

A communicator of the opposition National Democratic Congress Mr. Samuel Kofi Agbenyo reportedly punched a staunch member of the New Patriotic Party Mr. Francis Kenneth Yao Diamenu a.k.a Togbe Kokloye on Dela Radio during the station’s live Hododio Programme on Saturday, 1st August, 2020.

Reports picked up by Coverghana.com.gh suggest that, the Administrator of the School of Hygiene, Ho who was the former Central Tongu Constituency General Secretary and a close confidant of the Constituency’s Member of Parliament Mr. Samuel Kofi Agbenyo and Mr. Francis Kenneth Yao Diamenu a.k.a Togbe Kokloye, a former Assembly member in South Tongu, a regular panelist of Dela Radio and a staunch member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) among others were invited for Dela Radio’s Hododio Programme.

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The individuals were on the studio discussing a published achievement of the Member of Parliament for Central Tongu Constituency Hon. Alexander Gabby Hottordze.

In the cause of the discussion, Mr. Samuel Kofi Agbenyo was unhappy and vigorously interjecting the submissions of the renowned NPP communication team member Togbe Kokloye that, donation of Mathematical Sets by the MP in three years is not an achievement.

This resulted in a serous argument between them where Mr. Samuel Kofi Agbenyo allegedly punched Mr. Francis Kenneth Yao Diamenu a.k.a Togbe Kokloye in the face.

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After the punch, reports disclosed that Mr. Agbenyo threatened his opponent with some statements saying “I will deal with you, l will show you etc.”

An allegation Mr. Samuel Kofi Agbenyo neither confirmed nor denied. The only thing he said on air monitored by Coverghana.com.gh

news team was, he is a left handed person and always throw his hands about when ever he is making arguments.

Coverghana.com.gh can confirm that, a seat belonging to Dela Radio is broken in the cause of the argument. Meanwhile, Dela Radio is asking the parties involved to replace the broken seat or shall be prevented from any programme of Dela Radio.

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Reports from close sources revealed that, Mr. Samuel Kofi Agbenyo before the commencement of the programme showed numerous signs of attacking his opponent Mr. Francis Kenneth Yao Diamenu through his body language.

Information also has it that, Mr. Agbenyo who met Togbe Kokloye at the premises of the station refused to greet him for a reason we cannot tell.

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Togbe Kokloye reported at the premises of Dela Radio and placed his bag on one of the studio seats and decided to take some fresh air outside.

But on arrival of Mr. Agbenyo, he moved straight to the studio without exchanging greetings with Togbe Kokloye while seating outside. In the studio, reports suggest that, Mr. Agbenyo pushed the bag belonging to his opponent and sat at where he placed the bag meanwhile there are other seats at the studio. The action was widely condemned by some eyewitness.

It took the grace of God for the host Mr. Atukpa and other guests to settle the issue between them at the studio.


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