2022 SHS Selection for BECE Graduates

Ghanaian basic school students
Ghanaian basic school students

2022 SHS Selection for BECE Graduates

The 2022 Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) has added four new updates to the previously established system. These Include;

1. The Introduction of a cluster of schools: These are similar schools that belong to the same category which candidates may comfortably accept as alternative schools to their initial choices.

2.  Absorption of 212 Technical Institutes known as TIs

3. Inclusion of 5 Newly Established STEM Schools

4. Opportunity to Select Low Enrollment Schools as Boarding in the 6th Choice.

The article below gives you details of the selection process, though very different from the norm, and has been well presented to help Teachers, Students and Parents to be able to select their choices of Second Cycle Institutions in Ghana.

2022 BECE School Selection Portal, Date, Video, Guidelines

The Ministry of Education has produced a video explaining the school selection guidelines for Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) candidates, parents/guardians and the public.

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School Selection Video for 2022 BECE Candidates

According to the Ministry of Education, the school selection video for BECE Candidates will be played on various radio and Television (TV) networks across the country. The video can also be accessed on www.freeshs.net

Date for School Selection Video for 2022 BECE Candidates

School selection video for BECE Candidates will be shown from 24th October, 2022 to 29th October, 2022.

Selection of Schools by Candidates, Parents/Guardians

The Ministry of Education clarified that, the selection of school by Candidates, parents/guardians will take place from 31st October, 2022 to 18th November, 2022 across the country.

Prospective BECE Candidates, parents/guardians and the public are to take note of the timelines on the School Selection guidelines.

The Ministry Education reiterates its commitment to ensuring a smooth and effective school selection and placement process for all BECE candidates.

New SHS/TVET/SHTS Register 
What School Register?

Second Cycle Institutions in Ghana have been put into 4 categories. Namely, category A, B C & D. Each of these categories has a number of schools listed under them. These could be Senior High School or Senior High Technical School or Technical Institutes across the country.

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New SHS/TVET/SHTS Register
2022 School Selection guidelines

As part of measures to ensure a smooth placement of qualified BECE, the Ghana Education Service and the Ghana TVET Service (GTVETS) have put in place the following arrangements for the information of parents/guardians/candidates and the general public


A. Updates Added

Introduction of cluster of schools: These are similar schools that belong to same category which candidates may comfortably accept as alternative schools to their initial choices

B. Grouping of Schools

All second cycle institutions have been grouped as follows:

I. Public second Cycle Institution: Four (4) groups namely Categories A, B, C and D.

II. Appendix 1: contains detailed technical institutions (TI) programmes

III. Appendix 2: contains detailed subjects of the Technical Programmes in the Sec/Tech. institutions

IV. Appendix 4: contains Special Boarding schools for the sixth (6th) Choice)

V. Appendix 4: Cluster of schools

VI. Appendix 5: contains list of Special Education Need (SEN) schools

VII. Sample Choice: Examples of correct and wrong choices

C. Before Selection of Schools and Programmes

Before Selection of Schools and Programmes offered, parents/guardians are advised to note that all schools selected

(1st-6th) are considered in placement of candidates.

D. Conditions for selection of schools

Candidates with guidance from parents/guardians and school authorities;

a) Must choose Six(6) schools(1st – 6th choices) in all.

b) Must select programmes and accommodation for each selected school.

c) Must choose a compulsory day as 6th choice (Catchment Area School) or choose boarding school from the list schools in Appendix 3

d) Must indicate ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to accept or decline to opt for a cluster.

e) Candidates who wish to offer purely

TVET Programmes must select all six (6) TVETS schools from CATEGORY A, B and C as Day or Boarding

f) Cannot choose more than one (1) School from Category A

g) Cannot select more than two (2) schools from Category B

h) May select five (5) choices from Category C and One (1) from Category D (Day) or Appendix 3 (Special Boarding).

CSSPS Portal

To use the Self Placement module, BECE candidates must visit the CSSPS Portal via www.cssps.gov.gh.

1. Candidates must enter their details (Index numbers and Pin codes) and then choose the available schools with vacancies.

2. Then candidates must print their placement form after submission.

Watch 2022 BECE School Selection Video Here


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