23 Postdoctoral Fellowships at Duke University, North Carolina

Duke University
Duke University

23 Postdoctoral Fellowships at Duke University, North Carolina

Are you a recent Ph.D. graduate seeking to advance your research career? Duke University in North Carolina is pleased to announce the availability of 23 Postdoctoral Fellowships across various research domains.

If you’re enthusiastic about delving into cutting-edge research and contributing to scientific innovation, we invite you to explore these opportunities and submit your application without delay.

1. Postdoctoral Position – Allograft Research

  • Description: Investigate individual cell and cell population responses in transplant allografts related to alloimmunity and immune tolerance. Work with mouse and human samples, conduct molecular analyses, and explore organ transplantation models.
  • Responsibilities: Data analysis, manuscript preparation, and presenting findings at national/international meetings.

2. Postdoctoral Position – Pancreatic Cancer Research

  • Description: Explore TGF-b superfamily signaling pathways and the tumor immune microenvironment in pancreatic cancer biology. Ideal for motivated candidates with a Ph.D., MD, or MD-PhD degree and a track record of research publications.

3. Postdoctoral Position – Cancer Biology and Disparities

  • Description: Focus on cancer biology and disparities, using molecular and drug development strategies to unravel key steps in carcinogenesis and cancer progression. Investigate immunobiological mechanisms in aggressive cancer biology, with a focus on African American women.

4. Postdoctoral Position – Genomics in Pulmonary Research

  • Description: Develop and apply innovative statistical, computational, and machine-learning methods to analyze single-cell and spatial genomics data in pulmonary research. Collaborate with experts in the field.

5. Postdoctoral Position – Hepatic Glycogen Storage Diseases

  • Description: Contribute to hepatic glycogen storage disease research, with a focus on hepatic GSDs. Analyze disease progression, clinical outcomes, and collaborate on various research projects.

6. Postdoctoral Position – Transcription Regulation in Tissue Biology

  • Description: Join the Diao Lab to investigate transcription regulation in tissue regeneration, tumorigenesis, and aging. Employ experimental and computational approaches to unravel gene regulation mechanisms.

7. Postdoctoral Position – Advancing Research in Hepatic GSDs

  • Description: Continue research on hepatic glycogen storage diseases, emphasizing disease progression, clinical outcomes, and collaboration on diverse projects.

8. Postdoctoral Position – Cellular Plasticity in Lung Injury Repair

  • Description: Explore cellular plasticity mechanisms in lung injury repair and tumorigenesis. Utilize cutting-edge techniques and collaborate in a multidisciplinary research environment.

9. Postdoctoral Position – Noncoding RNA and Epigenetics

  • Description: Investigate noncoding RNA-mediated epigenetic mechanisms and gene expression spatial organization in mammalian systems. Explore their roles in disease and cancer.

10. Postdoctoral Position – Extracellular Matrix in Tissue Morphogenesis – Description: Investigate the functions of the extracellular matrix in tissue morphogenesis using zebrafish as a model system.

11. Postdoctoral Position – Computational Biology for Brain Disorders – Description: Join the Soderling Lab to explore computational biology using deep-learning approaches to understand brain disorder mechanisms.

12. Postdoctoral Position – Global Cancer Epidemiology – Description: Contribute to research in global cancer epidemiology to address health disparities across the cancer prevention continuum.

13. Postdoctoral Position – Pediatric Glycogen Storage Diseases – Description: Investigate glycogen storage programs in the Pediatric department, with a focus on Pompe disease and GSD III, IV, and IX.

14. Postdoctoral Position – Multi-Omics Profiling for Disease – Description: Work on integrated multi-omics and physiologic profiles of chronic human diseases to develop new detection strategies and therapies.

15. Postdoctoral Position – Mechanisms of Delirium and Inflammation – Description: Study mechanisms underlying delirium superimposed on dementia, focusing on inflammation-driven neurovascular dysfunction.

16. Postdoctoral Position – Cellular Electrophysiology – Description: Conduct electrophysiology experiments on mammalian cell lines, including primary cardiac myocytes, with a focus on patch clamp-based techniques.

17. Postdoctoral Position – Tissue Regeneration Research – Description: Launch a career in tissue regeneration research, utilizing experimental and computational approaches with zebrafish models.

18. Postdoctoral Position – Brain Tumor Treatment Strategies – Description: Explore improved treatment strategies for brain tumors using molecular biology, genetically engineered mouse models, and cancer genomic approaches.

19. Postdoctoral Position – Transformative Cancer Research – Description: Join Dr. Park’s lab in the Duke Cancer Institute for transformative cancer research.

20. Postdoctoral Position – Prostate Cancer Progression – Description: Investigate hormone therapy resistance and immune evasion in prostate cancer progression, co-mentored by experts in the field.

21. Postdoctoral Position – Meniscus Tissue Repair – Description: Research factors influencing meniscus healing and tissue engineering, including blood components and engineered constructs.

22. Postdoctoral Position – Genetic Mechanisms in Gestational Diabetes – Description: Investigate genetic and molecular mechanisms related to gestational diabetes using advanced genomic methods.

23. Postdoctoral Position – Predicting Genomic Variation Impact – Description: Develop predictive models for the regulatory impact of genomic variation, leveraging large datasets and cutting-edge approaches.

These exciting Postdoctoral Fellowships at Duke University offer a unique opportunity to contribute to groundbreaking research and advance your career in a dynamic academic environment.

Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of innovative scientific discoveries. Apply today!

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