Ghanaian nurse Joicel Sarpong who moved from UK to US shares experience from both Countries: “US Pays More”

Ghanaian Nurse who moved from UK to US
Ghanaian Nurse who moved from UK to US

Joicel Sarpong, an experienced Ghanaian nurse who embarked on a journey from Ghana to the UK for work and recently relocated to the United States, has generously shared her valuable insights into life in both of these diverse nations.

Having dedicated four years to her nursing profession in the UK before her move to the US a mere three months ago, she provides an enlightening comparative perspective on various aspects of life in these two distinct countries.

Joicel Sarpong notably pointed out the disparities in healthcare accessibility between the UK and the US. In the UK, she observed, healthcare is freely available, resulting in a higher influx of individuals seeking medical attention at hospitals.

This stands in stark contrast to the US, where healthcare services come with a price tag, prompting a more cautious approach to medical care-seeking.

The nurse expressed her concerns about safety in the US as well. She recounted an unsettling encounter with an individual openly carrying a firearm while strolling down the street, an experience she found deeply disconcerting.

Consequently, she has become more vigilant and prefers to stay indoors, prioritizing her safety and peace of mind.

Joicel Sarpong emphasized the significant income disparity between the two countries. While in the UK, her monthly earnings amounted to £1,800, her income in the US is notably higher at $5,500 for just four weeks of work.

This stark contrast underscores the enhanced earning potential that her new American home offers.

She also shed light on the remarkable ease with which she acquired a vehicle in the US. She shared her remarkable experience of procuring a brand-new car with zero mileage within a mere three months of her arrival, highlighting the accessibility and efficiency of car ownership in the US.



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