22 Fully Funded PhD Programmes at University of Edinburgh, Scotland

University of Edinburgh
University of Edinburgh

Are you a Master’s degree holder searching for fully funded PhD positions? The University of Edinburgh, Scotland, is excited to invite applications for numerous funded PhD programs and fully funded PhD positions spanning diverse research fields.

If you’re interested in pursuing a fully funded PhD, read on to discover the details and seize this opportunity.

Eligible candidates are encouraged to submit their online applications through the University’s Online Application Portal.

  1. Flow Inside Supersaturated Saline Droplets Research Summary: Explore the intriguing dynamics of droplets on surfaces, from heat exchange to material staining and virus transmission. Investigate how the structure of stains depends on factors like heat, momentum, mass transport, and surface contact.
  2. Engineering Education Research Summary: Contribute to the development of remote laboratory-based teaching exercises for engineering students. Enhance learning experiences for large classes while covering various engineering topics.
  3. Microfluidics Research Summary: Dive into the world of microfluidics and discover how static non-uniform electric fields can shape the surface of thin dielectric liquid films. Explore applications in manipulating immiscible droplets.
  4. Ocean Enterprise Research Summary: Collaborate with Sonardyne to develop underwater network capabilities, data transformation methods, and “smart” sensor modes. Optimize interfaces for simulation-measurement integration.
  5. Desalination with Low-Temperature Heat Research Summary: Explore sorption desalination technology using low-temperature heat. Work on super-efficient processes for sustainable desalination and leverage cutting-edge equipment.
  6. Conversion of Humidity to Electricity Research Summary: Harvest energy from humidity swings using innovative mechanisms. Investigate the potential of converting humidity changes into usable power.
  7. Biopolymers Research Summary: Evaluate the replacement of fossil-fuel-based plastics with bio-based alternatives in sectors like packaging and membrane separations. Combine experimental and computational approaches.
  8. Antimicrobial Coatings for Biomedical Applications Research Summary: Tackle bacterial adhesion and biofilm formation challenges in medical devices with anti-adhesive and bactericidal coatings.
  9. America‚Äôs Cup Yacht Hydrofoils Research Summary: Delve into the hydrodynamics of America’s Cup hydrofoils, aiming to enhance yacht performance and safety.
  10. Aerodynamics of Gliding Seeds of the Javan Cucumber Vine Research Summary: Study the aerodynamics of Javan cucumber vine seeds, which exhibit stable gliding flight. Explore their unique design for potential applications.
  11. Aerodynamics of High-Performance Yacht Sails Research Summary: Investigate the fluid dynamics of yacht sails to enhance their performance, with potential cross-fertilization of ideas in other fields.
  12. Marine Renewable Energy Research Summary: Explore the application of added-mass variation to enhance thrust in submerged mass-spring-damper systems, inspired by cephalopod locomotion.
  13. Pressure Swing Adsorption Research Summary: Develop and optimize Pressure Swing Adsorption technology for CO2 capture, including process design and novel CO2-selective materials.
  14. 3D Printed Devices Research Summary: Aim for a tenfold increase in separation times and binding capacities for viral carriers using 3D-printed devices.
  15. Capillary Flows Research Summary: Investigate capillary imbibition in porous solids and explore its potential applications, from reducing friction to manipulating droplets.
  16. Smart Surfaces for Anti-Scaling Research Summary: Study scaling and mineral deposit mitigation using smart substrates, with a focus on environmentally friendly solutions.
  17. Saline Droplet Evaporation Research Summary: Explore how the initial salt concentration in saline droplets affects evaporation patterns and their potential applications in surface design, 3D printing, and microfluidics.
  18. Electronics and Radar Antenna Systems Research Summary: Contribute to the development of high-resolution RF antennas and electronics for autonomous technology applications, such as self-driving cars.
  19. Gas-Microdroplet Interaction Research Summary: Investigate efficient dispersion of sterilants in disinfection equipment using computational fluid dynamics and laboratory experiments.
  20. Carbon Capture from the Atmosphere Research Summary: Automate and test a direct air capture unit, focusing on mechatronics and automation.
  21. Low-Carbon Building Retrofit Research Summary: Address the challenge of achieving net-zero carbon performance in existing buildings. Find sustainable solutions for retrofitting with low-carbon heating technology.

These fully funded PhD opportunities at the University of Edinburgh offer a chance to delve into exciting and impactful research areas.

Take the first step toward advancing your academic and research career by applying today. Don’t miss this chance to be part of cutting-edge research at one of the world’s leading universities!

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