Absolute debt add on, trapped and bully taxes and levies in the 2021 budget – Prof. John Gatsi

Prof. John Gatsi
Prof. John Gatsi

The Dean of University of Cape Coast (UCC) Business School, Professor John Gatsi says, the government’s budget statement and economic policy for the financial year 2021 presented to Parliament by the Minister for Parliamentary Affairs and Leader for govermment business Hon. Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu on the authority of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is absolute debt add on, trapped and bully taxes and levies.

In a statement, a lawyer, Senior lecturer of the University of Cape Coast Professor and an economist said, finally, the public debt figure is out. It is Gh¢291.6billion which is 139% more over the 2016 public debt figure of Gh¢122billion or  Gh¢169.6billion in absolute terms excluding the first quarter borrowing for 2021.

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According to Professor John Gatsi, the 2021 budget revealed that the debt to GDP ratio in 2016 based on rebased GDP was around 58% and not 73%. Meaning we are witnessing the worse debt to GDP ratio in 2019 and 2020 fiscal years between 2012 and 2020.

The concept of percentage growth in debt was introduced in the 2021 budget. It is trite knowledge that  higher percentage on a small figure produces smaller effects than small percentage on a large figure.

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If the debt in 2012 was Gh¢50billion and at the end of 2016 it got to Gh¢122billion it means the growth in the debt was 144% which means Gh¢ 72billion was added. The same computation shows 139.6% from 2017 to 2020 with Gh¢169.6billion debt added.

Interest payments are not on the growth on the debt but on the absolute amount added. Therefore the one who added more debt in absolute terms is the one that created more debt management burden to the economy. The introduction of percentage growth in debt under NDC and NPP is not helpful for the government as the explanation is unconvincing.

The regime with higher absolute debt is the one that sacrificed more of the current or future tax revenue of the country because public borrowing is simply pledging future tax revenue to repay what is borrowed today. Thus  the need to align the present value of future tax revenue to the amount of borrowing today.

[Full Text]: Budget statement for the 2021 Financial Year [VIDEO]

Financial sector cleanup levy!!!

In the past, successive governments introduced national reconstruction levy on the profits of banks to help revamp the economy and fix the fiscal difficulties. That seemed to be a call on banks to sacrifice shareholders’ money for nation building. Gh¢21billion  which was secured and spent on the exercise. Why this  after the exercise? This is a bully levy imposed on the  banks which will translate into  cost of bank transactions.

Huge public debt with uncontrolled expenditure in an election year is going to be paid for by the citizens through  the introduction of levies and increase in taxes. It is clear that uncontrollable borrowing puts pressure on the finances of the country such that after payment of interest and compensation nothing is left to throw away “bola” so  we are greeted with “ bola” tax. In election year, government had money for Covid-19 related issues but after elections citizens must pay for Covid-19 expenditures through Covid- 19 tax.

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Everything that citizens cannot do without have been taxed and levied. These are trapped taxes as the elasticity of demand means citizens cannot do otherwise.
Welcome bully levies welcome trapped taxes and welcome bola tax.

The 2021 budget is like  what you expect in an era of austerity. The strategy is instead of being plain with citizens to tighten their belts, tell them this is the year of roads so we are increasing the road tolls, tell them we want to  deal with their bola and health so bola tax and health tax.

The only reason why the  debt is decomposed to show Covid-19 and excess capacity components is to introduce taxes or levies.

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