Actor Pete Edochie Biography, Age, Children, Wife, Education, State, Grandchildren, Hometown

Actor Pete Edochie
Actor Pete Edochie

Actor Pete Edochie Biography

Chief Pete Edochie, is a veteran Nigerian actor. Edochie is well known for his acting prowess and professionalism. He is undoubtedly considered and revered as one of Africa’s most talented actors to have ever graced the screens.

Edochie has received several awards and honors throughout his career. Two of his sons also took after him as actors and have lived up to the name of their father.


He has been honored with an Industry Merit Award by Africa Magic and Lifetime Achievement by Africa. The Nollywood industry cannot boast of renowned actors without reference to the popular Pete Edochie.

Pete Edochie Age

Pete Edochie is in his mid 70s. He was born on 7th March in the year 1947 in the Enugu State of Nigeria. He is 75 years old as of 2022.

Pete Edochie Children

Pete Edochie has 6 children together with his wife Josephine. He has 5 sons and a daughter. They are;

  1. Leo Edochie

2. Uche Edochie

3. Linc Edochie

4. Gene Edochie

5. Yul Edochie

Eva Edochie is the only female among the five (5) strong men.

Pete Edochie Wife

Chief Pete Edochie is married to Josephine Edochie, a barrister and broadcaster. The two have been together for over 50 years.

Pete Edochie Education

Pete Edochie had his early life and education in Enugu State in Nigeria. He also schooled at the School of Journalism and Television in the United Kingdom.

Pete Edochie State

Chief Pete Edochie is from the Enugu State in Nigeria.

Pete Edochie Grandchildren

Pete Edochie has 7 grandchildren. Known ones are Kambi Edochie, Danni Edochie, Karl Edochie and Victory Zane Yul Edochie.

Pete Edochie Nationality

Pete Edochie is a Nigerian descent. He was born and raised in Enugu State.

Pete Edochie Hometown

Pete Edochie is a native of the Enugu State of Nigeria.



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