All You Need To Know About Rent Tax

Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA)
Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA)

Ghana Revenue Authority is the Ghana administrative body charged with the task of assessing, collecting and accounting for tax revenue in Ghana.

Rent Tax has been part of Ghana’s strategic revenue mobilization since 1973. However compliance on the part of landlord and property owners have been absolute.

In the midst of Ghana’s economic crisis and given that fact that the real estate industry is booming, the GRA finds it necessary to reignite it efforts in mobilization of rent tax for landlords and property owners.


What is Rent income 

Rent income is one which accrues to someone as a result of the letting or leasing a property to another person.

What is Rent tax

The tax paid on rent income is referred to as Rent Income Tax.

Who pays rent tax

Anybody who receives income from letting or leasing his/her property. An agent who qualify to withhold tax.


What is the rate of rent tax

There are two rates for rent tax;. 8% for residential premises. 15% for non-residential premises.

When should rent tax be paid?

Pay your rent tax 30 days after you receive the rent income.

Is there any penalty on the non-payment of rent tax?

Failure to pay your tax on rent income by the due date, will attract an interest of 125% of the statutory rate compounded monthly.

Where can I pay my rent tax?

Payment of the rent tax can be made at the nearest Domestic Tax Revenue Division Office of the GRA.

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