Appropriate remedies to cut off expenditure during economic hardships

Money (Ghana current notes)

Money (Ghana current notes)

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High expenditure comes with great pleasure but then, it has the tendency to inflict stress on you if you cannot continue such lifestyle in hard days.

A number of young and some group of aged persons are soaked with living lavishly which is fueled by high expenditure.

The popular adage says cut your coat according to your size. In its simplest term, live within your means explains it best because, you must always make use of what you have, employ the works of your conscious mind, head, the soul collectively.

Succumbing yourself to high lifestyle that will dimmish your inner willing isn’t the appropriate way up. Your must always create room for unfortunate days/or days of hardship.

Here are points which can help you cut off expenditure during days of hardships.

Considering the cost of fuel in this hard economy, there are assignments you still have to attend to but instead of you to board a car for a long distance programmes such as (funerals, weddings, birthdays, naming ceremonies, etc.), opt for sending your donations through Mobile Money to the affected person to avoid paying much transportation fares.

Learn trading and apprenticeship to support your income. Skills pay high. Engage yourself in learning some in this 21st century.

Occasions are nice when you attend it with colleagues. If for any reason a group of people wish to accompany a colleague for any of the programmes mentioned above, there should be a delegation of two (2) /or three (3) to represent the group as a means of saving cost.

In a situation where you want to attend any of the programmes alone use commercial transport to avoid fuel consumption, in a group use one private car but the rest should support with the fuel.

Decisions are best understood if it has been explained to the affected persons/beneficiaries (say a friend who you want support in funeral etc) should bear with their friends who cannot make it physically/ individual.

Trekking to short distances for your activities to also saves your pockets and for some physical exercise since you hardly engage in some.

The cost of filling tanks of cars has multiple highly in this hardship economy hence, avoid moving your private vehicles without any economical activities.

The hike in fuel has given birth to a number of challenges. The cost of bills has also been affected therefore, switch off electrical gadgets if they are not in good use.

Preferably, grow your love for locally made items in the home such as ( earthenware bowl- ‘asanka/apɔtɔyewa, for the preparation of foods and avoid using blenders for grinding vegetables and other food items which increase your electric bill.

The mode of preparing food when revised can cut off your expenditure. Use charcoal instead of kettle/heater to heat water and cook beans or your kenkey among others.

Manage your three square meals. Do not cook food more than you can eat. Keep surplus foods well for the second use.

Avoid the wastage of pipe-borne water. Use rain water or water from the rivers (after home treatment), well, borehole, etc for scrubbing, washing clothes and cars and water flowers and plants.

Limit your talk time on phone calls, reduce you bundles (use non-expiry bundles), use text messaging instead frequent calling. For instance, on MTN, you are award units after activating Mash Up …

Focus on buying future for your wards/children. Spend less on clothing and pay more of your wards/children’s educational needs because, they are the future leaders.

Bulking washing is the best in hard days. Wash clothes in bulk to avoid wastage of washing powders/soap and do bulk ironing as well.

Practice the “Operation Feed Yourself” by making use of gardens around your home to grow at least some basic ingredients for the kitchen ( onions, pepper, tomatoes, ginger, garden eggs, even fruits etc). The listed items above costs very high in hardship days.

Engage in trading. Either petty/or large type of trading will surely pay off in you study what, when, how of business carefully in order to plough profit not loss. Stop attending clubs and invest the little you have in trading.

Manage a simple accommodation to prevent renting of high profile areas. Low accommodation means you know your worth at a time. It will help to cut off huge rent advances.

Exercise yourself spiritually through prayers but do not spent 70% of your time at prayer camps, step out use your hands to do something for yourself productively. Thumbs up for prayer but do not be too religious. Engage your hands in work and feed yourself, family, and lend a helping hand if you can.

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