How to register and enjoy GNAT/ staff bundle for Teachers



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Cost of living in the country has affected everything including the data subscriptions and bundles for online work.

The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) has come up with a way of subsidizing cost of data purchase for their members. Members who are interested however have to register for this scheme in order to access the data bundle to Enjoy GNAT/ Staff Bundle 10GB at Ghc25 for only teachers.

To register, Teachers are supposed to follow the steps/ procedure outlined below:

1. You must first register during the registration window to be able to purchase the bundle during the purchase window.

2. Both registration and purchase must be done when their windows are opened. Otherwise, any loss of funds will be at your own risk. That is, read guidelines and instructions before any purchase attempt at all times.

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3. All windows are currently closed and will be opened in few days.

4. You must join their telegram page for any enquiry since the data admins can not be on all platforms and/ or to address issues individually

5. Join us on Telegram for regular updates

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The Request procedure to be followed:

1. Dial *800*08# from any loaded mobile money wallet (all networks)

2. Select option 1 (Staff bundle offer)

3. Select option 2 (request bundle)

4. Enter your registered beneficiary phone number.

5. Select bundle ( 25 or 50) factor charges and taxes.

6. Confirm summary of your entries

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7. Expect a pop up alert on your phone displaying that your payment has been initiated pending your account authorization.

8. Wait patiently for your payment authorization alert and complete the payment process.

9. Wait for an SMS receipt from GNAT and your service provider. Keep them as your reference and hold on till you’re served.

It is important to note that Multiple requests are not allowed. Also, give maximum attention to the details of the procedure since USSD processes are timed out after few seconds of inactiveness.

Forward all enquiries and complaints to 0550 660800 on telegram.



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