Ban all forms of ritual money “Sika duro” adverts in Ghana – JVO urges

Mr. Emmanuel Boadu
Mr. Emmanuel Boadu

Mr. Emmanuel Boadu, the Executive Director of Justice for the Vulnerable Organization  (JVO), a Human Rights NGO in Kumasi is calling on govermment through the National Communications Authority (NCA) to immediately ban all ritual money advertisements in Ghana especially, those being displayed on national Televsions.

According to then, the root cause of money rituals among the youth is partly blame on the advertisements of quick money on radio and television stations in Ghana.

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Justice for the Vulnerable Organization argued that, the rampant nature of money rituals are characterized by Mallams, Fetish Priests, Occultists, some Pastors and other secret Society organizations who are allowed into our media spaces to openly advertise ritual money (Sika duro) with their telephone numbers boldly displayed on TV screens.

They made the statement in connection with the recent murder case of two teenagers who allegedly killed a 10 years old boy and cut off his ears for money rituals in Kasoa.

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“The country is full of crooks and goons. Those boys were influenced by social media pressure and display of cash on national Televsions.” They explained.

Mr. Emmanuel Boadu and his team are worried why authorities have not dealt with this issue all this while. How irresponsible and insensible could we be as a nation? As a matter of urgency, duty bearers must stop these activists and scammers from having access to the media space.

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“Now look at the results. This is what we have seen or heard. Do we know the many incidents we didn’t know? The time to ban these people from our TV and radio stations is now. Interestingly, we at JVO had decided to launch a campaign against the ritual money adverts in the country this year.” He explained.



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