Support for Party Executives: Cracks in South Tongu NDC; Matters arising

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It is believed that, there are some internal party divisions and misunderstandings among some elements of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) within the South Tongu Constituency which always generate split of heads on handling critical issues which affects members at the party base. has gathered.

These happenings have birthed huge question marks following supports for a party branch executive within the Constituency leading to cracks among the ranks and file of leadership in South Tongu National Democratic Congress (NDC).

This division has been uncovered following an appeal for support launched for madam Cecilia Agbanyo, Branch Women’s Organizer for Todzokope in the Dzetorkoe Electoral Area of the South Tongu Constituency of the Volta Region.


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Information gathered after intercepted a letter of an appeal seeking support for madam Cecilia Agbanyo to undergo medical treatment at the Sogakope District Hospital revealed some shocking secrets among the party leadership.

The recent straw that broke the camel’s back was an alleged letter written by the Constituency Chairman Mr. Henry Ampah Johnson seeking support for madam Cecilia Agbanyo who’s left leg swollen and needs critical medical attention. According to some of the party Executives, the issue has not been brought to their attention for thorough discussion and possible way forward.


The Member of Parliament for the South Tongu Constituency Hon. Wisdom Kobena Mensah Woyome, upon being confronted on the issue by an outsider sent a delegation of Constituency party executives to meet the family and branch executives of the sick person to ascertain the nature of the matter and further clarification.

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Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Michael Gati, the Constituency Communications Officer disclosed that, most of the Constituency Executives and the Member of Parliament are not aware of the Branch Women’s Organizer’s sickness.  He noted that, the MP sent them to verify whether what he heard in the media is true or not.

According to Mr. Michael Gati there are party structures on how to handle internal issues at the constituency level. In outlining how the issue should  be handled administratively, he said, the constituency secretary should have be informed through the Constituency Women’s Organizer to convey the message to the MP under the directive of the Chairman for support.

He indicated that, most of them including the MP were not informed on the decision taken by the Chairman to send letters out for support but only saw the information on social media where some party members within the Constituency, regional secretariat and national level confronted them.

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“Had it not been the MP who saw the thing and sent us to ascertain the nature of the issue, we wouldn’t have known” He explained.

Upon hearing the issue, the MP urgently assisted the lady with some cash while the Constituency Women’s Organizers also presented some food items and provisions to the lady for the meantime. They promised to get back to the lady for support.


Gladys Abaya, the South Tongu Constituency Women’s Organizer speaking at the meeting explained that, she knows nothing about the issue. According to her, the National Women’s Organizer summoned a meeting for all Women’s Organizers in Ho. In the meeting, the Regional Chairman of the party Mr. Henry Ametefe confronted her with the issue saying, Mr. Henry Ampah Johnson sent a letter of appeal toward the lady’s sickness. She felt embarrassed because, as the Constituency Women’s Organizer, she has not been informed.

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“It is rather unfortunate that, the patient including the constituency chairman did not call me on the health condition of the lady” He explained.


The Branch Chairman for Todzokope Mr. Ayitey noted that, he was not earlier informed about Cecilia Agbanyo’s sickness. He told the delegation that, upon receiving the Information, he could not reached out to the MP and other executives. He therefore apologized for his inability to inform the MP and Constituency Executives for support.

Watch the video below;

In an exclusive interview with madam Cecilia Agbanyo, she disclosed that, the sickness started about a month ago.


For the purposes of our professionalism, Chief Editor placed a call on the Constituency Secretary Mr. Francis Nyamasekpor to be sure if he had any knowledge on the content of the letter since he is the Administrator of the party at the Constituency and one of the Signatories to the letterhead. This was done because almost all the Constituency Executives denied having knowledge on the letter.

The secretary informed that, he knows nothing about the letter neither was he informed about the lady’s sickness.

“According to party structures, no individual can write administrative letters without the knowledge of the secretary and other executives of the party.”

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In order to get a clear picture of the issue, contacted the Constituency Chairman Mr. Henry Ampah Johnson to hear his side of the issue.

He confirmed to have written a sponsorship letter seeking for support towards madam Cecilia Agbanyo to receive proper healthcare.

According to him, he did that to get financial support for the Branch Women’s Organizer for her treatment.

“The dynamism of party politics in South Tongu is bad. The letter is not intended to tarnish anyone’s image. It’s meant for party members who wish to support the lady” He explained.

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He further explained that, he couldn’t inform the Member of Parliament for South Tongu to support because he has been doing everything within the Constituency hence don’t want to disturb him with the lady’s sickness.

He told that, they have received over GH¢1,365.50 from the public to support the patient to undergo medical treatment. He disclosed that, the money will be donated to madam Cecilia Agbanyo on Saturday, 3rd April, 2021 at Todzokope for medical treatment.

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Below is the letter intercepted by


In an interview with the Member of Parliament for the South Tongu Constituency Hon. Wisdom Kobena Mensah Woyome, he said, nobody had informed him on Cecilia Agbanyo’s sickness. He unequivocally said, he heard the issue in the media and sent a delegation to Todzokope for further clarification on the matter. The MP has also requested for the medical report and bill from the family of Cecilia Agbanyo for him to support.


It’s unclear, why there should be a division among the ranks and file of the Constituency Executives. According to sources, there’s alliance among the executives on how activities are carried. Some of the executives and staunch members of the party express worry and said, If this persists, it ‘may’ affect the activities and structure of the party going forward.

What could be the cause or reason for the division and misunderstanding among the executives? Why are the executives not working as a united group for a common goal? Is there any benefit for executive officers towards their line of duty? Is the NDC party that broke to the extend that, they cannot support minor healthcare of executive officers? What or who could be the cause of the cracks among the ranks and file of the leadership? These, among many are critical questions one may wish to ask for clarification. will, in the coming days, report on the matter after further interrogations.

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Below are some photos of the delegation who visited madam Cecilia Agbanyo. 



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