NCC climaxes GhanaMonth Observation Lectures in South Tongu

National Commission on Culture (NCC), an institution mandated to promote and ensure the growth and development of our Culture and make them more relevant to human development had Lectures of GhanaMonth Observation to climax the celebration at the South Tongu District Assembly Hall as March 2021 comes to an end.

GhanaMonth is an annual event which coincided with the country’s Independence celebration. And it’s main focus is to primarily project the country’s indigenous products and services and as well as celebrate its rich cultural heritage.

In a welcome address, Mr. Sowah Adjetey Samuel, the Organizer for the Lectures stated that, GhanaMonth Observation is a great opportunity that has come for Ghanaians for which South Tongu will have to utilize this great opportunity to become the star of all the Districts in Ghana.


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He said though South Tongu is doing well in some areas but there is still more room for improvement or we need more development to come and he thinks by holding the Lectures, the image of South Tongu will once again be uplifted and this will make the district to become a shining star among all other districts in the country.

This according to him will make indigence residing outside the District see that something good is happening here through the positive reportage and will come to help develop it.

Mr. Adjetey Samuel noted that his plan is that if it’s possible,  there should be an event called South Tongu Trade Fair where people in the district and all other places will come and showcase purely Traditional Wears or Goods for people to go and watch and buy.

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Torgbui Awusu III, Administrator of National Commission on Culture in his keynote address on behalf of the Executive Director, mentioned that National Commission on Culture is to promote National Identity and encourage institutions to patronize our local products and services including fabrics.

According to him, the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture instituted a flagship program dubbed ‘Eat Ghana, See Ghana, Feel Ghana, and Wear Ghana’ to promote our culture  heritage especially in the month of March.  The National Commission on Culture took the wear Ghana aspect of the program and is promoting the need to wear our locally manufactured clothing to Ghanaians, while Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) is focusing on the ‘Eat, See and Feel Ghana’ part.

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He believes this programme has really resonated with Ghanaians and has been dubbed the Ghana Month. According to him, the main focus of the Observation at the Ghana month is to ensure that every Ghanaian appreciate our culture and the struggle of our forefathers, so as a country we need to wear our own cloths, eat what we grow and love our music and dance because if as a country, we do not love and appreciate our own, then foreigners will keep infiltrating and impose their culture on us, a situation he said his outfit was mandated to promote and manage the cultural life of Ghana, in the month of March so as to prevent such things from happening to our dear nation.


He pleaded with everyone as a Ghanaian to celebrate the good deeds of our forefathers and let the world know how Ghana appreciate its Independence. He also lauded the Media fraternity for pushing the agenda of Ghana Month through their education programs among other things which basically made it sunk in the mind of most citizens.

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Togbega Nakakpo Dugbaza IV,  Paramount Chief of Tefle Traditional Area who doubled as the Chairperson of the Lectures indicated that he can not feel the love and dedication for Ghana in the people especially the youth meanwhile some of them are growing and will no longer be alive so his cry always has to do with who is going to promote and protect the cultural heritage of our beloved country?

He said there is the need for Government officials to resource institutions that can continue to educate the people of this country on the importance of loving and cherishing their very own hands made products and services.

Mr. Gilbert Avemegah, South Tongu District Coordinating Director on  behalf of The District Chief Executive Emmanuel Louis Agama said, Ghana Month Observation is a good thing and must be taken very serious by the people in the country. He added that anytime they enter into the month of March, he always makes sure that he eats locally produce food like never before, wear locally produced cloths and listen to educative programs about how Ghana came into existence which broadens his knowledge much more on things of Ghana.

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Mr. Michael Gati, the Communications Officer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) who presented the Honourable Member of Parliament (MP) Wisdom Kobena Mensah Woyome said, the only way we can have common goal to promote locally products and services is for all of us to make sure we respect our Chief, Traditional rulers, Clergy, Imams, Teachers as well as the Security agencies because they are more or less the mouth piece of the people and if that respect is there for them, everything will go on perfectly as expected to be seen in the Ghana Month Observation.

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