Brazil national team unbeaten in 15 matches since July 2021

Brazil national team players
Brazil national team players

One of the best National teams in world football is the Brazil national team. The FIFA 2022 rating of countries ahead of the 2022 World Cup listed Brazil as the world number 1 best men’s team.

The Brazil national team also holds the record as the only national team who hasn’t missed a single World Cup since its inception.

Each day that passes in football, the Brazil national team proves to the world why they are the best. According to reports, after losing the Copa America final to Argentina in July 2021, Brazil have gone unbeaten in 15 games they’ve played.



Below is a list of the matches and the scores at full time.

  1. Brazil 5-1 Tunisia
  2. Brazil 3-0 Ghana
  3. Brazil 1-0 Japan
  4. Brazil 5-1 South Korea
  5. Brazil 4-0 Bolivia
  6. Brazil 4-0 Chile
  7. Brazil 4-0 Paraguay
  8. Brazil 1-1 Ecuador
  9. Brazil 1-1 Argentina
  10. Brazil 1-0 Colombia
  11. Brazil 4-1 Uruguay
  12. Brazil 0-0 Colombia
  13. Brazil 3-1 Venezuela
  14. Brazil 2-0 Peru
  15. Brazil 1-0 Chile

In all, the Brazilian national team has since July 2021, recorded 12 wins and 3 draws with 39 goals scored and 6 goals conceded. Notably, the team has kept a clean sheet for 9 times.



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