Call for an independent audit of electoral results: a testament of statesmanship and a bold step towards democratic consolidation – NDC Germany

John Dramani Mahama
John Dramani Mahama

In of the light of the gross arithmetical errors committed by the electoral commission of Ghana,  the NDC Germany Chapter wish to convey its support to the leader and flagbearer of the NDC in the 2020 general election, President John Dramani Mahama, for the show of statesmanship and willingness to use consensual approach to resolve the mathematical inaccuracies of the polls.

The Chapter agrees with the former President that going to court is one of the democratic processes but should only be invoked after all other processes have been exhausted due to the adversarial nature of the court system. As a former
president of Ghana, he understands the socio-economic and political implication of invoking the highest court of jurisdiction and has, therefore, resorted to using other means that could equally resolve the current arithmetical challenges that the Electoral Commission (EC) has clearly demonstrated they lack the competency to compute.

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The NDC Germany Chapter believes that this approach taken by the NDC and the former president is in sync with the thinking of the framers of our constitution and the guiding principles of our democracy. The acceptance of the media as the 4th estate of the realm, the
establishment of the Peace Council, the inauguration of the 21-member eminent advisory committee of the EC, the operations of the Christian Council, the Ghana Catholic Bishops Conference, and the various Islamic societies in Ghana are prima facie evidence that Ghana
has embraced the use of consensus building to resolve issues that could heighten tension and raze our democracy to the ground.

It is on this basis that the NDC Germany Chapter believes that President Mahama is only insisting on the right thing to be done by the EC. The spontaneous daily protest across Ghana for almost two weeks after the general elections amidst COVID-19 could be a manifestation that the declared results are contrary to the supreme will of the people.

Indeed, the EC’s perennial review of its results for the 2020 presidential election and the numerous unresolved parliamentary results is a confirmation of gross incompetence and communist inferior tactics employed to subvert the will of the people.

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As a Chapter hosted in the economic empire of Europe, we are guided by good example and experience that democracy is a consequence of a free, fair, transparent electoral process. Anything less of this tripod is akin to sitting on a keg of gunpowder ready to explode
and pretending not to know. Such “Ostrichesism” must be avoided at all times to protect our young but enviable democracy. This is exactly what President John Mahama is doing.

Our intelligence on the grounds confirms daily that the continued protest has nothing to do with getting President John Mahama to be President but everything to do with ensuring justice is done and common sense prevail as well as strengthening Ghana’s democracy.

The good people of Ghana are guided by history and the many bad examples within the sub-region and do not want their democracy to slip through the cracks because of one family’s insatiable greed for power and wealth. Never in the history of the 4th republic has any EC revised electoral results more than 6 times after declaration.


Never have we witnessed unending spontaneous protest after the declaration of electoral results without central coordination (evidence of a broken social contract). Never have we seen electoral
results declared without the presence of Ghana’s default fourth estate — the media.

Never have we seen state security manipulated to beat, maim, and kill civilians who are just protecting their sovereign will. Never has the EC declared an election results without first calling the candidates involved and resolving major concerns.

These are just a few of the ills that have been committed collaboratively by the EC and the ruling regime to kill the child (democracy) that was conceived and midwifed by the NDC at the most difficult period in our history.

The NDC Germany Chapter has no reason to doubt that the ruling regime is willing to
destroy the 4th republic given their decision to stay off the consultative process before the birth of the 4th republic.

For the benefit of those who are not privy to the attempt by the EC to steal the election let us provide some further information. The Chairperson of the EC admitted that they inadvertently used 13,433,573 as the total valid votes cast while the total valid votes cast is  13,119,460 is a cause to worry. It is very strange that the total vote percentages should exceed 100% and thus her hushed declaration of the presidential results was flawed and not authentic.

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The NDC Germany Chapter is struggling to understand why the EC will inflate collated
results to favour a ruling regime overwhelmingly rejected by the people at the polls. Padding votes to favour a rejected candidate is not just a mark of incompetence but unethical means
to subvert the will of the people and compromise Ghana’s enviable democracy.

This the NDC will not sweep under the carpet and NDC Germany Chapter pledges our total support.
We strongly condemn the abuse of incumbency through the use of state security services especially the military to intimidate the voters in a civilian election and which has resulted in numerous deaths and uncountable causalities.

The NDC will push for institutions to work independently and for the interest of Ghana and not that of any individual or political party.

We, therefore, strongly support the call by President John Mahama for an independent audit of the pink sheets per the number issued to all parties with the necessary serial numbers.

We entreat all well-meaning Ghanaians to support this course.

Long live the NDC, Long live our democracy, and Long live Ghana
Eye Zu, Eye Za

Desire Aliebakaa
Germany Chapter secretary

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