EC makes another errors in the Gazetted Parliamentary election results; Check details here 

Mrs. Jean Mensa, EC Chairperson
Mrs. Jean Mensa, EC Chairperson

The Electoral Commission of Ghana has just made another error in the Gazetted December 2020 Parliamentary election results.

Information available to indicatea that, the Electoral Commission made a few errors in the Gazetted results of the 2020 parliamentary election needing correction, but also likely to cause more disaffection for the Electoral Commission of Ghana.

In at least 18 constituencies, the printer’s devil ticked the losing candidates rather as elected instead of the Parliamentary Candidates who won the election.


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On 22nd December 2020, the Electoral Commission of Ghana has Gazetted the December 2020 Parliamentary election results at the Ghana Publishing Company Limited, Assembly Press at Barnes Road, Accra, Ghana.

The Results Gazetted by the Electoral Commission as Certified by the Deputy Chairman of Operations Samuel Tettey includes a total of 275 Constituencies including the disputed Techiman South Constituency Parliamentary election.

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Each Constituency’s Gazetted Parliamentary elections results as published include name of Candidates, their respective political party, sex, age, valid votes obtained, percentage of valid votes obtained, total valid votes, rejected votes, total votes cast and a percentage turn-out.

Check below list of Constituency Parliamentary election results with the error.

Also, find attached, the full list of the Gazetted Parliamentary election results.



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