CETAG position on teacher trainees allowance will deteriorate Student-Lecturer relationship – TTAG

Jonathan Dzunu
Jonathan Dzunu

Leadership of the Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana (TTAG) has expressed worry and disappointment over the position of the Colleges of Education Teachers Association of Ghana (CETAG) on payment of teacher trainees allowances.

The National President of the Association Mr. Jonathan Dzunu in an interview said, the current stand taken by CETAG on trainees allowances will deteriorate Student-Tutor/Lecturer relationship on the forth-six (46) Accredited Public Colleges of Education campuses across the country.

At the Colleges of Education and Social Education Research Journal Multidisciplinary Research Conference at Nsuta in the Ashanti Region on the theme: “Education in Emergency Situations: Prospects and Challenges”, the president of the Colleges of Education Teachers Association of Ghana (CETAG) Prince Obeng Himah has pushed for a broader discussion on the relevance of boarding and dining hall systems in the recent Colleges of Education system.


Prince Obeng Himah, does not prefer solutions himself, but he does advocate for a broader society discussion in order to develop a consensus and provide a clear policy direction.

CETAG president has expressed concerned on the daily feeding components of teacher trainees, saying, about GH¢6.5 daily feeding for each student in Colleges need to be looked at.

According to him, despite the rising prices of goods and services, management of the Colleges of Education have had to rely on the same amount for the past five years in feeding students without increment.

At the two-day programme which was organized to create a network of researchers, leaders, and policymakers who will be able to collaborate to identify innovative solutions to Ghana’s educational challenges and also help raise the public’s awareness of Colleges of Education teachers and their contributions, the CETAG president added that, “If we really want to feed the students, we should feed them well on campus.”

He appeals to authorities to come in and provide adequate living conditions for students so that they can attain their educational goals.

CETAG president’s general position on the subject matter sought to propose for the cancellation of the re-introduced teacher trainees allowance by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s New Patriotic Party government.

In reacting to this, the spokesperson of the Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana (TTAG) Jonathan Dzunu speaking on behalf of teacher trainees in a response to CETAG President Prince Obeng Himah said, they [Teacher Trainees] are very disappointed in what leadership of their Tutors/Lecturer are doing, to be honest.

He explained that, teacher trainees have been with their Tutor/Lecturers and they understand difficult situations of the students better than any other individual or groups.

Jonathan Dzunu disclosed that, sometimes, some Tutors/Lecturer even borrow money to students when allowance is delayed by the government.

It came as a surprise to him and trainees to see the leadership of their tutors/lecturers engaging in an advocacy that is not in their best interest, is something they [Teacher Trainees] cannot comprehend.

The TTAG President clarifies that, leadership of CETAG must know that, their posture and stand against teacher trainees allowance will go a long way to endanger the caudial relationship students and tutors/lecturers have established over the years.

“These tutors keep telling us the teaching profession does not pay, they are suffering, some even advise us to find our way out if possible. Today, they are telling us to enter the same profession with loans around our neck. We are shocked this is coming from them.” Jonathan Dzunu expressed shocked.

According to the President, teacher trainees and their leadership are not in support of the proposal from CETAG to government for cancellation of allowances.

“We must state on record that, we never engaged CETAG anywhere to tell government to enroll us on loan scheme because the allowance isn’t enough.”

Jonathan Dzunu said, should they [TTAG] consider anything in the interest of their members [teacher trainees], CETAG is not the right body to lead the advocacy for them, adding that, they [CETAG] are not the official mouthpiece of the over fifty two thousand (52,000) teacher trainees in the country.

Teacher trainees were surprised to hear the president of CETAG Prince Obeng Himah saying Government cannot pay teacher trainees allowance anymore.

Mr. Jonathan Dzunu is worried because, they can’t substantiate as to whether CETAG leadership is talking on behalf of Government or it’s their personal opinion.

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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