Companies Manufacturing Plastic Tanks in Ghana

Polytank Types, Sizes and Prices in Ghana

Top Companies Manufacturing Polytank in Ghana are; Polytank Ghana, Sintex Ghana, DuraPlast Ghana,  Polyworld Ghana,YD Kente Enterprise Limited and M & G Pharmaceuticals Limited

1. Polytank Ghana

Polytank Ghana has become a household name in the country, as it is one of the most trusted and reliable brands of water storage tanks in the country. The company, Polytank Ghana. Poly Products Ghana Limited, a subsidiary of the Mohinani Group of Companies, is the business that makes Polytank.

2. Sintex Ghana

Sintex is a business unit of the Indian company Sintex Industries Limited. The company produces and markets a range of plastic items, such as water storage tanks, prefabricated buildings, windows and doors, and custom-molded goods.

3.DuraPlast Ghana

Produced by watatank, it is one of the popular polythene tanks on the Ghanaian market. Watatank is produced by DuraPlast.

DURAPLAST Limited continues to uphold its position as a leading supplier of high-quality personalize Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC) and HDPE pipes and fittings to Ghana’s water and electrical engineering markets.


4. Polyworld Ghana

Polyworld is one of the famous plastic water tanks available on the Ghanaian market.

5. YD Kente Enterprise Limited

YD Kente is a Ghanaian-owned company that produces plastic water storage tanks, buckets, and other plastic products.

6. M & G Pharmaceuticals Limited

M & G Pharmaceuticals is a Ghanaian-owned company that produces plastic water storage tanks under the brand name Magic Tank.

Ultimately, because of their durability, affordability, and convenience, plastic water storage tanks have grown in popularity in Ghana. As a result, several companies have emerged to meet the country’s growing demand for these products. Plastic tank manufacturers in Ghana include Sintex Ghana, Polytank Ghana, Watawala Ghana, YD Kente Enterprise, and M & G Pharmaceuticals Limited.



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