Confirmed: All you need to know about the death of two students of Anlo SHS

Anlo Senior High School
Anlo Senior High School

A reliable information received from the Anlo Senior High School in Volta Region of Ghana shows that, two students have passed on. Both students are second year (Form 2) gold track students and not final year students as carried by some media publications.

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A statement intercepted by, your reliable news portal in Ghana has clearly stated how the death of the two students from the Anlo Senior High School occurred.


The report which was later copied to the front deck of with the caption “First hand information on the happenings in Anlo Senior High” highlighted the following key points.

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1. Two of our students are late, both are gold track students not final years.

2. The first is a boy and the second is a girl.

3. The boy signed on Sunday to go to hospital but his mother asked him to go to his aunty.

4. He did not go to the hospital until it became critical, when he was rushed to the Keta Municipal hospital where he was declared Dead On Arrival.

5. The girl was sick on Monday. She was sent to the Anloga Clinic as the protocol requires.


6. A test for malaria was done on her which proved positive.

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7. She was treated and discharged.

8. The parents came and took her home.

9. Later in the night of Monday, her condition became critical and she was rushed to Aflao Municipal Hospital.

10. Tests on her showed that her sugar level was high.

11. Arrangements were being made to transfer her to the Regional Hospital, Ho, when she passed on around 1pm on Tuesday 21/7/2020.

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The information available to us further reads, “This is the case as it is known to us. The students did not die on campus. Neither did any of them collapse in the school. We will continue to update you on any further development. Thank you all. Let’s continue to pray for our students and advise the ones we have access to. They are very nonchalant about all that is happening.”

The school authority is therefore asking the general public to ignore all news circulating in the media that, they have lost two of their final year students.


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