Confusion over media Reports of the arrest of Kojo Antwi for Killing his Step-daughter

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There is confusion among Ghanaians on social media over media reports of the arrest of Kojo Antwi for allegedly killing his step-daughter.

The name Kojo Antwi is very popular in Ghana as it is the name of a Renowned musician in the country. However, the reports titled “Kojo Antwi arrested for killing step-daughter” got many Ghanaians thinking that it is the renowned Musician, Kojo Antwi that has been arrested.

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An enquiry into the reports show that the Kojo Antwi that has been arrested for killing step-daughter is not the Legendary Musician who is also called Kojo Antwi.

Many Ghanaians have been reacting to the report as published by titled ‘Kojo Antwi arrested for killing step-daughter’.

Kojo Antwi arrested for killing his step daughter

Below is what some Ghanaians have been saying on Twitter about the report.

Kojo @KojoAsare_ said @tv3_ghana your reputation precedes you. And this kinda journalism is below you. you know very well Kojo Antwi is a well recognized name for the Legend Musician in Ghana. You can do better with your headlines. I’m disappointed.

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Danielle Adwoa Konadu Adai @Add3lle in a tweet wrote; If you need to use a popular artiste’s name, (even though that is indeed his name), to hook me, then you’re not as good a journalist. true journalists can get you to read no matter what. They could have used his first name Ebenezer, then said his “Kojo Antwi” later on.

@oneforallwe; Kojo Antwi is a name, I was trying to describe what a captivating headline is! In journalism – Kojo Antwi is a name – every name on this planet is a ” popular person name ”. If the story had read – Ebenezer murders step-daughter, people will have still read meaning into it.!

@Xcelmamaba: This is the reason why the white man always says sense will always be hidden from black man cause they don’t like reading. You want to read headline and pass but don’t want to click the link for the blog to earn revenue. If they click bait you too u dey complain.


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