Cristiano Ronaldo caught eating something from his shorts during match against Ghana

Portugal played their first match against Ghana, On Thursday, 24th November, 2022, a game during which Portugal emerged winners after scoring Ghana 3 goals to 2.

A footage from the match shows how Cristiano Ronaldo was seen to have removed something from his shorts and placed it into his mouth.

This footage from the match have left many fans and followers of Cristiano Ronaldo wondering what he could have removed from his shorts and placed into his mouth.


Following the incident as reported by the Daily Mail, some persons are advocating for Cristiano Ronaldo to be investigated to determine if what he did is legal or otherwise.


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Kindly Watch the Video of the incident which is trending on social media below

The big question in the mind of many Ghanaians is…what could Cristiano Ronaldo be chewing during the football match?



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