Domelevo describes directive to submit handing over notes as preposterous

Mr. Daniel Yaw Domelevo

Mr. Daniel Yaw Domelevo

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Mr. Daniel Yaw Domelevo, the retired Auditor-General describes directive by the Aduit Service Board to submit handing over notes as preposterous.

In a letter written by Mr. Daniel Yaw Domelevo to the Audit Service Board said, the request for a handing-over note from him is preposterous because he has been out of office for more than eight (8) months.

Audit Service Board directs Daniel Domelevo to prepare a handing over notes

Though, he described the Audit Service Board directive as out of place, he has called on the Audit Service Board to redirect the Acting Auditor-General to hand over to him and he will thereafter handover to him as former Auditor-General.

In the letter, he has further outlined further reasons he described the directive as preposterous:

“1. Paragraph 2 of the letter from the office of the President dated 29 June 2020 requested that I “hand over all matters relating to the office of the Auditor-General
to Mr. Johnson Akuamuah Asiedu who has been in charge since 1″July 2020.”

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“2. The letter from the Secretary to the President referred to in (1) above, delivered to me after 4pm on June 29, 2020 requested that I started the leave on 1st of July 2020 contrary to Section 27 of the Labour Act. The Section provides that at least 30 days notice shall be given to the worker prior to the commencement of the leave.”

“3.The short and unlawful notice from the Presidency notwithstanding, I prepared a
handing-over note and handed over to the Acting Auditor-General on 30 June 2020 and he has been in charge for over 8 months.

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“3. When I resumed work on the 3rd of March 2021, Mr. Johnson Akuamoah Asiedu did not hand over to me with the excuse that the handing-over note was not ready,  and

“5. After 9pm of the 3rd March 2021 (the day I resumed work), I received a letter from the Secretary to the President requesting that I proceed on retirement.”



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