Nana Addo the Tea Bag Vrs Efo Domelevo the hot water – Lukutor pens a grey hair article

An Eʋe proverb says “Ne anyigba dze dzo koa afɔ ŋtɔ lanya” to wit when the ground is hot its the bare feet that knows. Mr Daniel Yaw Dormelevo (the ayigbe mafia – in the lyrics of Shatta Wale) is becoming my hero and a candidate for the award of the “Star of the Order of Volta” for his courageous, ruthless unrelenting fight against corruption in our society.

Prof. PLO Lumumba writes the play but Dormelevo acts the scenes. His fearless attitude encourages me and I strive to learn his skills in the award winning play.
No doubt he won the Integrity Personality Award for 2019. Is this the personality a President who claims to be fighting corruption should fight or rather celebrate?”

I can’t think far”. Someone should shake me to wake up from my slumber.


I wonder why the President who some people tout as the epitome of incorruptibility is being badly exposed by this ‘ayigbe man’.

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This is a man who won’t allow his son who meets all requirements of recruitment to go through the process to be employed as a worker in the Audit service as long as he remains as the Auditor General simply because of Conflict of Interest.

As soon as Efo Dan coughs, the Presidency and the whole Government (for that matter) catches cold. Efo Dan I dare say, is the hot water that is bringing out the real colour of Nana Addo the show boy 😎.

I remember the strong warning his friend Kofi Koomson, the editor of The Chronicle newspaper gave in the past. He said *”he Kofi won’t sleep with both eyes closed in the unlikely event Nana becomes President”*. Kofi “come for your stone”. But don’t forget that is the reason you lost your recent primaries 😷. The Elephants don’t like the truth oh hmmmm. Next time don’t bisect your mouth as wide as you did.

Efo Dan is being chased by those many referred to as the “Akyem Mafia” led by the defacto unofficial Prime Minister of Ghana, Gabby Asare Okyere Darko. How dare Efo Dan to be chasing another Akyem man Omafo Sarfo (in the language of Efo Kokonsa the Ayigbe parrot ). Some trend is developing oh. Ayigbe Mafia vrs Akyem Mafia 😂.

But on a serious note, who advised the Presidency to shake Dormelevo’s dining table ? Don’t they know that the cat soup on the table of Efo Dan would pour on them?


I heard one Prof Asare, a US based law Lecturer said on Newsfile- Joy FM that the President has no locus to give directives to the Auditor General since he is so independent. Franklin Cudjoe of IMANI says the more the President chases Efo Dan, the more he exposes and disgraces himself.

The attempt to touch Dormelevo has caused a coalition of 500 CSOs to compel the President to stop in his track in the pursuit of Efo Dan.

Is the presidency watching how fast they are sliding down the greasy road of popularity. Very well meaning Ghanaians are beating gongon on how dangerous this singular act of yours is. People say you could even ask an EC or CJ to go on leave in the middle of a general election and election petition respectively if this one is allowed to pass.

Many are not surprised seeing a letter purportedly written by a so called Acting Auditor General clearing the Senior Minister in a case that he has been badly exposed. That is all you want as a result of this your unpopular directive.

You see when you are under intense pressure you cease to talk but release what is in you. The reality is that the Corruption Perception Index rating for Nana’s Government is worst in recent history and is only being confirmed by these acts.

Mr President “if you go to bed with an itching anus, you’ll definitely wake up with smelling hands. The odds are against you already.

Do you know the real meaning of Dormelevo ?

It is an Eʋe Proverb “aɖu konu, Dormelevo” to wit the laughter through the teeth is different from what is in one’s belly meaning what is really inside a man is different from what comes out from his mouth.

Nana Addo is really leaving Dormelevo’s name. Mr President allow Efo Dan to finish his term and leave in peace.

A word to the wise. ..

The writer of this article is Surveyor Maxwell Kwame Lukutor. He was an NDC Parliamentary candidate in South Tongu Constituency in 2019. Currently, he is the president of Volta Region Surveyors’ Association and President of Old Students Association of Sogakope Senior High School among many. 


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