Don’t undermine the integrity of CPP – Nana Frimpomaa fumes

Nana Akua Frimpomaa - CPP Chairperson
Nana Akua Frimpomaa - CPP Chairperson

The chairperson and leader of the Convention Peoples Party (CPP), Nana Akua Frimpomaa has descended on government and some political bigwigs who are trying to undermine the integrity of CPP.

In a pressor, she has stated that, the whole idea for briefing media is just to make a simple appeal to the private sector to professionally carry out their work deviod of political interference and dictatorship.

According to her, the private sector is an institution that stands out as the engine of growth.


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In this vein, the private sector should not sit down and take instructions from above i.e ” the power from above”. Even if such instructions come up that you take somebody off your brand, the private sector should find a way to understand that they are operating under professional ethics, that they are bounded by formal contractual agreement where money has exchanged hands. Once it is contractual, you should find a professional way of dealing with it professionally.

Until she become a seeming threat, or risk, no Rambo style arrangement should be arranged to dictate to the private sector anytime, anywhere.

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“If we keep doing this, we are fueling something we cannot handle as a nation” She lamented.

“What have we done as CPP and as the chair and leader? All programs we have done and aired on Atinka TV is to bring to the fore issues that concern the plight of the vulnerable and most deplorable in society” She pointed out.

According to her, bringing these stories are rather the best way to build our fragile democracy. It makes them feel that they have a voice and there is hope.

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Nana Frimpomaa fume that no Minister or any such power should feel that they are a threat. We believe we have a story to tell.

“We believe Ghana should hear our story. We cannot do this without the media”she cautioned.

The media therefore should hear our story and investigate who is the so called ” order from above.



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