EC has never used Birth Certificate as requirement for voter’s registration – Dr. Serebour Quaicoe

Dr. Serebour Quaicoe
Dr. Serebour Quaicoe

The question as to whether the Electoral Commission of Ghana will be able to deliver a credible electoral roll before the December 7 general elections has become a topical issue for discussion among Ghanaians across the globe.

Many Ghanaians doubted the electoral processes of the Electoral Commission ahead of the December polls where some people are hopeful that the EC will successfully compile a new voter register for credible elections.

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Another controversial issue has to do with the eligibility requirement for the new voter’s register and acquiring a the voter ID card. The Electoral Commission earlier outlined some eligibility criteria for getting oneself onto the new voter’s register which include;

  1. one must be a Ghanaian.
  2. one must be 18 years and above and of sound mind.
  3. One must present a passport or Ghana card as a proof of identification or
  4. present two guarantors who have already registered.

The eligibility requirements published by the Electoral Commission exclude the birth certificate and the old voter’s ID card for the compilation of the new voter’s register.

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The exclusion of the birth certificate and the old voter’s register is a worrying situation to many Ghanaian making the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) among others to petition the EC on their basis for eliminating such key documents from the exercise.

You will also recall that, the Supreme Court presided over by the Chief Justice, Justice Anin Yeboah has requested from the Electoral Commission to provide the legal basis why it has refused to accept the existing voter’s ID card as a form of identification in the upcoming voter’s registration exercise.


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Responding to questions and clarifying issues on the EC’s electoral processes ahead of the December 7 elections on TV3 during THE KEY POINT monitored by, the Director of Elections of EC Dr. Serebour Quaicoe said, the birth certificate has never been used as an eligibility requirement for registration and acquisition of a voter’s ID card. He added that, even the birth certificate is not considered the sole requirement for acquiring a passport.

According to him, the Electoral Commission led by “Mrs. Jean Mensa has not removed the Birth Certificate from the eligible requirements for new voter’s register. The fact is that, the Birth Certificate has never been used as eligibility requirement for new voter’s register. The claims that EC has removed the Birth Certificate is not properly explained by many. ” He augured.

He therefore dare anyone with evidence to provide an instance where the birth certificate has be used as an eligibility requirement for a new voter’s register in Ghana.

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