Exercising Democratic rights and freedom; IMANI’s Franklin Cudjoe recounts memories 

So, it was that on a fine Day on July 1, 2014, a group of far seeing Ghanaians at the time, supported by millions without voices, said they loved their country and it was the government they were afraid of.

#occupyflagstaffhouse# was a resounding success even if these nobler women and men were jolted into action by crappy governance over shortage of fuel. 6 years on, it seems to me the logic behind the absence of these elite protests today means all is fine and the government hasn’t done any evil in the sight of these elites, me included.

No. My personal observation is that there are countless reasons today for us to do same. But I lost the army of adrenalined elite souls then. Almost all of them have rendered themselves timorous. Some of us still have the energy to convince you reading today to stand up and be counted.


But no! Not even the President’s urging for us to be citizens is enough to convince me that standing up is worthwhile and that I wouldn’t be putting you and our families in harm’s way. So, remember this day in your hearts and cringe while you say the Lord’s prayer. But make a statement when the day of reckoning comes. Sad unanniversary! Keep well.

The writer of this article is the founding president of IMANI Africa Mr. Franklin Cudjoe.


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