Fifi Fiavi Kwetey wins NDC General Secretary position

Fifi Fiavi Franklin Kwetey
Fifi Fiavi Franklin Kwetey

The former Member of Parliament for the Ketu South Constituency Honourable Fifi Fiavi Kwetey has won the National Democratic Congress (NDC) General Secretary position at the Party’s 10th National Delegates Conference held at the Accra Sports Stadium, Accra on Saturday, 17th December, 2022.

He won the General Secretary position race against the Deputy General Secretary Dr. Peter Boamah Otokunor and Elvis Afriyie Ankrah in a keenly contested elections.

The provisional results from all the 17 polling stations indicate that Honourable Fifi Fiavi Kwetey won the NDC General Secretary position with a total of 4,536 votes, Dr. Peter Boamah Otokunor had 2,584 votes and Honourable Elvis Afriyie Ankrah had 1,401 votes.


Fifi Fiavi Kwetey will now become the General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) for the next four (4) years.

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Fifi Fiavi Kwetey’s Biography can confirm that, Fifi Fiavi Franklin Kwetey was born in Hohoe but comes from Nogokpo both in the Volta Region of Ghana.

Fifi Fiavi Franklin Kwetey is a Ghanaian politician and former Member of Parliament for the Ketu South Constituency in Ghana. He served in Parliament as a National Democratic Congress (NDC) Member of Parliament from January 2013 to January 2021.

Fifi Fiavi Franklin Kwetey’s Age

Fifi Fiavi Franklin Kwetey was born on June 2, 1967. He was born in Hohoe, a town in the Volta Region to Mr. and Mrs. Kwetey.

Fifi Fiavi Franklin Kwetey’s Parents

Fifi Fiavi Franklin Kwetey’s father is Joseph Kofi Kwetey. His mother is Benonia Essie Kwetey. The father comes from Nogokpo and the mother comes from Denu, all in the Volta Region. The father was a former branch manager of Barclays bank in Hohoe while his mother was at the time a senior nurse at the Hohoe Hospital.

Fifi Fiavi Franklin Kwetey’s Hometown

Fifi Fiavi Franklin Kwetey is a native of Nogokpo, in the Volta Region of Ghana.

Fifi Fiavi Franklin Kwetey’s wife

Fifi Fiavi Franklin Kwetey is happily married to Naomi Kwetey.

Fifi Fiavi Franklin Kwetey’s children

Fifi Fiavi Franklin Kwetey and Naomi Kwetey have together 4 children.

Fifi Fiavi Franklin Kwetey’s Educational Background

At the age of 4, following his mother’s opening of a private midwifery in Aflao, Fifi Kwetey whose father and mother come from Nogokpo and Denu respectively, moved to Aflao.

Fifi Fiavi Franklin Kwetey’s Basic Education

He began schooling in next door Lome, which is a walking distance for most children of Aflao. His primary school was Ecole Christ Roi in Kordzoviakorpe, just across the border.

Fifi Fiavi Franklin Kwetey’s Secondary Education

From there, Fifi Fiavi Franklin Kwetey did 4 years of secondary education at the then prestigious College Protestant in Lome where he obtained Brevet D’ etudes du Premier Cycle (BEPC).

In 1984, he enrolled for the first time in an English speaking school – that is, Bishop Herman College in Kpando. By 1987 he had obtained His O level. In that year, Fifi Fiavi Franklin Kwetey was adjudged by the West Africa Examinations Council (WAEC) as Ghana’s best student and one of the three best students in west Africa. Fifi Fiavi Franklin Kwetey moved from there to Achimota school for his A levels.

Fifi Fiavi Franklin Kwetey’s Tertiary Education

University of Ghana was next, where he graduated in 1993 having studied Economics and Psychology.

In his final year at Legon, he became the chairman of the NDC on legon campus- this was ahead of the Nov-Dec 1992 elections.

Diploma For Business French

In 1994, he obtained the Diplômes de la Chambre de Commerce et d’industrie de Paris (CCIP) (Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Higher Diploma, Paris).

Fifi Fiavi Franklin Kwetey’s work experience

• After his A Level, Fifi Kwetey did his national service program where he taught English at Tokor Junior High School (JHS), in Aflao. This was from October 1989 to June 1990.

• The next working opportunity was when he did his second national service with the office of Parliament from October 93 to July 94.

• Fifi Fiavi Franklin Kwetey joined the Investment Banking firm, Strategic African Securities Ltd in July 1995.

• He worked there as a Financial Analyst and a stockbroker. During this period, he played a pivotal role in establishing the company’s maiden publication of the Stock Market’s Annual Economic and Financial Review and Outlook. This was the go to analytical work at the time, which provided the most comprehensive financial and economic analysis.

• He moved to join CDH Financial Holdings Ltd in April 1998 and worked there till February 2002 as a Funds Manager, Investment Analyst and a Stockbroker.

• At the same time, he also became a tutor of Financial Courses at the Ghana Stock Exchange.

Fifi Fiavi Franklin Kwetey’s leadership and Political Career

• Whilst in university, Kwetey was a student leader, serving as the chairman for the National Democratic Congress branch on the University of Legon Campus.

• In December 2005, Fifi Fiavi Franklin Kwetey contested in the national NDC executive elections and won to become the chief communicator for the NDC.


• Serving as the chief communicator which his party dubbed as the party’s Propaganda Secretary, he was seen as the person to criticize the other parties and raise pertinent issues regarding their parties whilst defending his party on the necessary platforms. The position Propaganda Secretary was subsequently rebranded into the National Communications Officer

• In 2012, Fifi Fiavi Franklin Kwetey won the Ketu South National Democratic Congress primaries into the 2012 Parliamentary Elections. He won the primaries by getting 403 votes as against 60 votes polled by the then incumbent Albert Ziga, who came third and Raphael Alorwu who polled 82 votes, whiles Nyphson Agbagedy also got 30 votes.

• Kwetey subsequently won the Ketu South parliamentary elections by getting 77,837 votes which represented 88.92% of the votes cast against his closest contender Godwin Yayra Nkuawu of the New Patriotic party who got 4,122 votes representing 4.71%.

• In 2015, Fiifi Kwetey was maintained as the National Democratic Congress candidate for the Ketu South constituency going into the 2016 parliamentary elections. He won the primaries by polling 146,10 votes representing 86.13% to beat Sylvanus Amedorme who garnered 1,375 votes and Famous Kuadugah, 637 votes at Denu in the Volta Region.

• He was elected in the 2016 Elections to serve as member of parliament for Ketu South for another term in the parliament of Ghana after getting 48,723 votes representing 65.47% of the total votes against his closest contender Jim Yao Morti an independent candidate who got 18,643 votes representing 25.04%. Jim Yao Morti was a former member of the NDC who had been disqualified during the vetting process and suspended subsequently by the NDC and was contesting as an independent candidate.

• Fifi Fiavi Franklin Kwetey was a leading member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) media monitoring team ahead of the year 2000 elections-team was based at Kuku Hill Office at the then candidate of NDC Prof. John Evans Atta-Mills.

• He served as a leading NDC voice on radio when call ins were introduced into political programme on radio for the first time around 1998.

• Fifi Fiavi Franklin Kwetey was the Chairman of Beno’s Maternity Branch in the Ketu South Constituency.

• He continues to this day to play behind the scene role in the party’s national communications bureau headed by Lawyer Sammy Gyamfi and continue to inspire many of the young activists and communicators of the NDC party.

• He played a key role in the party’s economic and communication sub committee ahead of 2020 elections.

• In NDC government under President John Dramani Mahama, he also served as Minister at the presidency and then became Minister for Agriculture and Minister for Transport.

• Earlier in 2009, he went through the most grueling ministerial and bravely and successfully fought off every attempt by the NPP minority to extract any admission that, the NDC campaign that led to victory in 2008 was just a campaign of lies.

• He became a Deputy Minister of Finance in 2009 under former president John Evans Atta-Mills and for the next four years became the key voice of the party and government on all discussions on the economy. He is fondly remembered for being a key voice that trumpeted the “unprecedented achievements” of the Mills-Mahama Government.

• He again headed a similar results collation outfit in 2012 at Ridge, which one more was successful in getting results in record time which enable the NDC to have a laugh, when the late Sir John was deluding himself and his party that, the NPP had won elections in 2012.

• He also headed the party results collation outfit set up at Kanda during the 2008 elections, which successfully collated the results both in first and second rounds in record time – a feat which played a crucial role in the NDC successful blockage of the NPP last minute attempt to steal the elections in the EC strongroom. He together with others in the strongroom, fought like lions to make sure that nation wrecking plan by the NPP was foiled.

• Also, ahead of the 2008 elections, he set up the NDC Forum for Setting the Records Straight and became its spokesperson.

• He set up the Lens Newspaper while in the office of Jerry John Rawlings and become its managing editor.

• While in that position, he became a leading voice who spoke regularly on behalf of the NDC on leading programs like Newsfile, Subsequently became host of Crossfire program on behalf of the NDC.

Fifi Fiavi Franklin Kwetey’s net worth

Fifi Fiavi Franklin Kwetey’s net worth is not made public. He served as an article 71 office holder and makes a decent income. His source of income comes from his political career, personal businesses and others.



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