Frequently asked Questions and Answers on Sim Card Registration

Sim Cards
Sim Cards

National Communications Authority has released the Self Service App to help complete the Sim Card Registration across the country.

This follows Ministry of Communications and Digitalization directive to everyone to register his/her Sim Card with the Ghana Card.

According to NCA, the App is available for download on Google Play Store.


Since the App was launched on Friday, 26th August, 2022, a lot of people have been asking series of questions on how to use the App.

Below are some of the questions asked by subscribers and answers as provided by NCA.

It is compulsory that all SIM cards (also known locally as ‘chips’) are duly registered in Ghana.

Registering your SIM card will provide us with the relevant information to help serve you better, develop the Industry and reduce SIM-related crimes. To be sure if your SIM card is duly registered, send a blank text to short code 400.

1. What is the law that backs SIM card registration?

The enabling law is the Subscriber Identification Module Registration, 2011, L.I. 2006, which provides for registration of existing SIM cards.

2. What is SIM card Registration?

The ACRONYM “SIM” means Subscriber Identity Module. SIM card registration is the process of recording and verifying mobile phone number(s) and personal information of a subscriber, by a communications service provider. Such information includes the subscriber’s photograph, name, and date of birth, gender, address (postal and/or physical address), e-mail address, if available, and details of valid identification documents of the subscriber. The process involves getting both new and existing phone subscribers to consensually provide their identification details to the network operators.

3. Why must we register our numbers?

SIM card registration is intended to:

    • Help law enforcement agencies to identify SIM card owners
    • Track criminals who use phones for illegal activities
    • Curb other negative incidents such as loss of phone through theft, nuisance/hate text messages, fraud, threats and inciting violence
  • Help service providers (network operators) know their customers better

4. What information and documentation do I need to register?

You will need EITHER of the following in original form:

  • Valid Passport
  • Voter’s card
  • Valid Driver’s licence

5. Will my information be kept safe?

All information will be kept confidential by all MNOs in a secure data base. The information collected shall NOT be disclosed to any person unless required by a written law.

6. Which Mobile phone numbers must be registered?

All prepaid and postpaid phone numbers and data SIM cards must be registered.

7. Can I register multiple cards?

Yes. If you own multiple cards, you can register all of them.

8. Where do I go to register?

Registration takes place at your service provider’s outlets countrywide.

9. How much will it cost me to register?

SIM card registration is absolutely free of charge.

10. What will happen if I have not registered by the set deadline?

Your SIM card shall be deactivated and you will not be able to make or receive calls.

11. How will I be sure that my number is registered?

Your service provider will send a text message confirming completion of registration.

12. Can someone register for me?

In case you cannot do the registration, someone else can register the SIM card in his/her name but the person will be responsible for your number.

13. Do I have to register my mobile fixed line too?

Yes, you have to register the mobile fixed line.

14. If I use a modem for my internet. Does it also need to be registered?

Yes. It has to be registered.



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