SIM Registration Self Service App – Possible Errors and Corrective Actions

Self Service App for Sim Card re-registration
Self Service App for Sim Card re-registration

SIM Registration Self Service App – Possible Errors and Corrective Actions

  Description Meaning Action
1 Invalid SUUID Unique code does not match SUUID. Re-enter the unique code or check the phone number. You can dial *400# to get your Unique Code.
2 B-Cap already captured Phone has already done the B-Cap. You do not need to continue the registration: it has been completed already.
3 Selfie does not match The selfie does not match the image on the Ghana Card. Retake the selfie and follow the instructions. Make sure that there is enough light around.
4 Registration fails: Ghana Card ID not matching Ghana Card ID used to do registration does not match original Ghana Card ID Check Ghana Card ID or re-enter the Ghana Card ID.
5 You have to confirm you read the disclaimer User has not confirmed disclaimer. Users need to click on check box to confirm they have read the disclaimer.
6 Finger Prints not scanned The subscriber tries to go to next step without capturing the finger prints. User needs to scan your finger prints: Left four fore fingers and then your right four fore fingers.
7 Your registration is succesful The registration process has been completed successfully. The user does not need to take any further action.
8 You need to validate the payment User has not yet validated the payment by confirming payment request sent to the Mobile Money account via USSD. User needs to check for the Mobile Money account being used for payment and confirm payment.
9 Invalid phone number User has entered an incorrect phone number. User needs to re-enter the phone number.
10 Please provide your SUUID User has not entered Unique Code. User needs to enter Unique Code.
11 There was an error validating your checking your Unique Code: please try again The system could not contact the network provider to valid Unique Code and phone number The user will need to try again later.
12 Time Out The app can’t communicate to the Network: there is a delay to get an answer.



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