Final list of NIA offices in Volta Region and their locations

NIA officials
NIA officials

The National Identification Authority (NIA) has announced the final list of its offices in the Volta Region towards the mass registration of new Ghana cards and issueance of printed cards to applicants.

The NIA has created offices across the eighteen (18) District and Municipal Assemblies in the Volta Region.

NIA announces dates to release the backlog of cards to applicants


This forms part of the 291 offices to be opened for the National Identification Authority across the country.

NIA outlines 14 new mandatory uses of Ghana Card

According to the management of the NIA, progressing and preparations are underway for full commencement of work.  Official work is expected to be fully operational by close of October 2021to facilitate enrollment.

Below is the full list of NIA offices in Volta Region and their location. 

Adaklu Old District Assembly, Waya VA-0004-7748
Afadzato South Golokuati (Old Post Office) VF-0000-3447
Agotime Ziope Old District Assembly, Kpetoe VG-0007-6767
Akatsi  North Akatsi North District Assembly Complex VX-0030-8095
Akatsi South New Post Office, Behind NHIS VX-0000-9468
Anloga Anloga District Assembly, Anloga VK-1621-0766
Central Tongu Traditional Council Court Building VV-3456-2348
Ho Central GRA Office, Ho VH-0003-7697
Ho West Ho West District Assembly, Dzolokpuita VI-0076-5670
Keta Municipal Assembly (Information Centre) VK-0018-9424
Ketu North Municipal Ketu North Municipal Assembly, Dzodze VY-0005-9036
Ketu South Ketu South Municipal Assembly, Tokor VZ-0064-4279
Kpando Municipal GIFEC Centre, Kpando Technical Institute VP-0045-7555
North Dayi North Dayi District Assembly VD-0013-2869
North Tongu North Tongu District Assembly, Battor VT-0106-1678
South Dayi South Dayi District Assembly, Kpeve VE-0021-9842
South Tongu South Tongu District Assembly, Sogakope VU-0018-0767
Hohoe Old Municipal Assembly, Old Social Welfare VC-0006-7734




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