NIA outlines 14 new mandatory uses of Ghana Card

Ghana Card
Ghana Card

The management of the National Identification Authority (NIA) has outlined some fourteen (14) new mandatory use of Ghana Card or ECOWAS Card. has gathered.

According to NIA, the 14 items are compulsory that, one cannot do if he or she don’t have a Ghana Card.

In reference to the LI 2111 of the National Identity Register Regulation, 2012, Regulation 7(1),  National Identity Card issued to an individual shall be used for the underlisted transactions when the identification is required.


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Meanwhile, Regulations 7(2) says,  an organization that offers any of the Services in respect of transactions listed under sub regulation (1) shall demand the presentation of identity card from the individual concerned before providing relevant services to the individual

Below are the 14 mandatory use of the Ghana Card or ECOWAS Card as outlined by National Identification Authority (NIA).


1. Consumer Credit Transaction

2. Transactions that have Social Security Implications

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3. Transactions specific under the National Health Insurance Scheme

4. Transactions pertaining to individuals on in respect to pensions

5. Purchase of Insurance Policies

6. Opening of individuals or personal bank accounts

7.  Application for and Insurance of a driver’s license

8. Application for and Insurance of a passport

9. Registration of voters

10. Payment of taxes

11. Registration of Sim cards

12. Purchase, transfer and registration of land by an individual or a connected transaction subject to the provisions of other enactments.

13. Application for public or government services, facilities, approval, permissions or benefits.

14. And any other transactions which the Authority may determine and publish in the Gazette



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