Confirmed: NTC suspends Portfolio Assessment for 2020/2021 Newly Qualified Teachers

Dr. Christian Addai Poku, Registrar of NTC
Dr. Christian Addai Poku, Registrar of NTC

The National Teaching Council (NTC) has suspended Portfolio Assessment for 2020 batch of Newly Qualified Teachers.

According to the Registrar of the the National Teaching Council Dr. Christian Addai-Poku this decision came after extensive engagements with the executives of the Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana (TTAG).

In a statement, the National Teaching Council said, they have decided to suspend the Portfolio Assessment for the 2020/2021 batch of Newly Qualified Teachers who are about to complete their one year mandatory national service.


The Council again said, those with provisional license shall be recommended for recruitment by the Ghana Education Service and subsequently undergo portfolio development and assessment upon their recruitment as teachers.

“It must be emphasized that this suspension affects only 2020/2021 NQTs who are completing their national service in 2021. We wish to bring to the notice of all the 2020/2021 Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) to prepare for the portfolio assessment after recruitment” the Council said.

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In an update to the the 2020 batch of Newly Trained Teachers, the leadership of the Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana (TTAG) said, on 7th and 8th October, 2021, they engaged officials of the office of Human Resource and Management Development of the Ghana Education Service and the Registrar of the National Teaching Council respectively.

The Association said, issues discussed included the portfolio assessment of Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTS), the Licensure Examination, and the opening of the portal for the recruitment of Newly Trained Teachers. Synopsis of the engagements are as follow:

NTC postpones Portfolio Assessment of Newly Qualified Teachers after a meeting with TTAG


As it was communicated earlier to the general public on leadership’s re-engagement with the Registrar for the National Teaching Council on the aforementioned issue, the Registrar acknowledged receipt of the petition written to him by the leadership after its first engagement.

He informed the leadership on the need for the portfolio assessment to be done before recruitment since it has great impact in the professional development of a teacher, but for the concerns raised by the leadership, he agreed to withhold the assessment until newly qualified teachers are recruited. He further stated, emphatically, that no NQT will get a permanent teaching certificate if he or she fails to do the portfolio assessment after recruitment.


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The leadership in its previous releases declared to all GTLE candidates that a learning portal will be opened by the National Teaching Council as part of preparation for the writing of the Licensure Examination. To that, the TTAG is working assiduously to get it opened from next week onwards.

You are also to be informed that the date for the writing of the Licensure Examination which was scheduled to take effect from Saturday, 23th October to Sunday 24th has been rescheduled to Monday 25.


On the updates on opening of portal for the recruitment of Newly Qualified Teachers, the leadership of TTAG was informed that its opening will depend on the academic calendar of basic schools as well as financial clearance from the government.

The leadership was informed that financial clearance has not been secured yet. Coupled with recent changes in the academic calendar, a delay in the opening of the portal has been necessary. The leadership was assured that the management of Ghana Education Service is working relentlessly to secure the financial clearance for the recruitment of NQTs

This is what NTC wants Newly Trained Teachers to do before they can be posted and licensed

The leadership promised to continue to engage all appropriate stakeholders who are involved in the recruitment of NQTs. “We therefore urge all NQTs to exercise restraint since we have more than two months before postings.” TTAG urged.

The leadership on this note expresses its profound gratitude to the Registrar of the National Teaching Council and all other stakeholders who played a significant role on the resolution made on the issue of the portfolio assessment.

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“We want to eternally appreciate all teacher trainees for the maximum cooperation in this and many other outstanding issues.”



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