NTC is a failed institution; They’re only good at frustrating teachers and pre-service teachers – Ekow Djan

Mr. Ekow Djan
Mr. Ekow Djan

A former Deputy National General Secretary of the Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana (TTAG) Mr. Ekow Djan has taken on Management of the National Teaching Council (NTC) over what he described as lack of professionalism of its core mandate.

According to Ekow Djan, the National Teaching Council appears missing in a deep forest for the past three (3) years since the introduction of the unplanned Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination (GTLE) and Teachers’ License as a prerequisite of introducing professionalism into the Education Sector.

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In recounting the past experiences Newly Trained Teachers faced with the National Teaching Council, he said, “Over the past years, they have tried being relevant by instituting and implementing teaching standards for pre-service teachers and teachers. The standards in my opinion are not tangible and lack clear cut direction, which only end up frustrating teachers and pre-service teachers.”

Mr. Ekow noted that, this is an institution which touts itself as a body seeking to ensure professionalism in the teaching fraternity, yet they lack professionalism to the core.

He also alleged that, the leakage of questions for licensure exams, mass failure of students, mishap assessment procedures, intangible portfolio building, unsuccessful licensing of teachers, inability to register teachers since 2018 etc render the National Teaching Council a failed body.


NTC frustrating newly trained teachers with unplanned portfolio assessment before GES recruitment 

“In fact the only success they have chalked so far is to frustrate pre-service teachers and teachers. Nothing more!” He said.

Mr. Ekow Djan made the above statement following the current directive from the National Teaching Council to Newly Qualified Teachers deployed by National Service Scheme (NSS) for their one year mandatory National Service to prepare an urgent Portfolio Development Points for Portfolio Assessment before they can be posted and licensed. “I have received a lot of complains from the current batch of Newly Trained Teachers are being subjected incessant frustration, and I have accordingly forwarded them to the Ranking Member for the Education Select Committee of Parliament.” He disclosed.

NTC recommended activities for Continuous Professional Development of Teachers

“I trust the Honorable Ranking Member will in the coming weeks file an urgent question to be answered by the Minister for Education Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum regarding the recent activities of the National Teaching Council relative to issuance of provisional and professional license.”

According to him, NTC must not be a body responsible for the frustration of teachers but a body ensuring teachers are well protected and bathed in professionalism in accordance with the instituted standards.


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