GES New Year message to Teachers turns ‘bloody’

GES Director-General, Prof. Kwasi Opoku-Amankwa
GES Director-General, Prof. Kwasi Opoku-Amankwa

As usual, many employers wished their employees all the best for the year 2021 and the Ghana Education Service was not an exception.

What was a harmless New Year message to public sector Teachers in Ghana turned otherwise as man Teachers descended on the Ghana Education Service with many teacher making many demands on their employer.

Below are some of the reactions of teachers to the New Year wish from their Employer.

Famepet Sedinam in a comment said “Treat your employees well this year. Just stop making unnecessary policies. Thank you very much.”

Maadai Vincent said “Many happy returns but make sure textbooks are ready for the new year and by the way, incompetent ges leaders must step up”

Prince Charles said “Albeit the facts that it’s a good thing to wish us a happy new year, we would want alot of reforms done in this ministry. Kindly listen to the concerns of the masses . Thank you”

Ghana Education Service

Joseph Kekeli in his comment also said “Change the JHS calendar for us . We went through hell last year with that your calendar . Please kindly do something about it for us”

“Please this year de3 we dont want any mismanagement bia ooo. Make sure textbooks for basic schools are ready before reopening so that our children and siblings can be like your children in the private schools. Happy new year ” Ama Sandra said in her comment.

Nana Michey said “Yes, we’ve entered the new year with your mean attitude towards your own employees (teachers) no upgrading, no promotion, no consultation. All you think about is inflicting pain on the Ghanaian teacher. No text books for our little brothers and sisters”

Asiedu Emmanuel said ” Ghana Education Service our happiness doesn’t concern you.

As teachers the only happiness we seek is to see textbooks for our pupils as well as better harmonious learning environment for them. Just see to it that those are done especially the textbooks.

Anyway don’t forget to give teachers the laptops, it has been one month now since the monies with interest were deducted.¬†Thanks”



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