GES Releases 2023 School Selection and Placement Video

Ghanaian Basic School students/Pupils
Ghanaian Basic School students/Pupils

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has unveiled a newly revised 2023 School Selection and Placement Video, aimed at facilitating a comprehensive understanding of the recently introduced school placement and selection system for parents, students, schools, and all relevant stakeholders.

Under the revamped school categorization system, there are now 86 Category A schools, 259 schools in Category B, and 573 in Category C.

Category D encompasses catchment area schools, all of which are classified as Day schools and can be found within one of the A, B, or C categories.

In accordance with the CSSPS 2023 guidelines, candidates are tasked with choosing six schools during the 1st Placement School Selection phase and an additional five schools during the 2nd Placement School Selection phase.

These selections are based on the CSSPS 2023 1st and 2nd Placement School Selection Forms, which are readily available for download.

It is paramount for parents and guardians to thoroughly grasp the school selection process. The choices should primarily reflect the academic strengths of the candidates rather than mere personal preferences.

“We urge parents to take the information provided in the 2023 School Selection Video released by GES seriously while making their decisions. Also selecting a Category A school as the first choice for your ward is not obligatory. Schools in Category A are distinguished primarily by their excellent facilities, not necessarily their performance in the WASSCE. There are outstanding schools in Category B that parents should consider as their ward’s first choice, based on academic merits.”



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