Requirements for Limited Voter Registration Exercise 2023

Electoral Commission (EC) officials arranging election materials
Electoral Commission (EC) officials arranging election materials

Requirements for Limited Voter Registration Exercise 2023

With the upcoming Limited Voter Registration Exercise  scheduled to take place in various regions, it is essential for prospective voters to be well-prepared.

The Electoral Commission has outlined specific requirements that individuals need to have at their fingertips to ensure a smooth and efficient registration process.

Personal Information

Prospective voters are advised to have the following information readily available:

  1. Full Name: Provide your complete legal name as it appears on official documents.
  2. Date of Birth: State the accurate date of your birth.
  3. Age: Confirm your current age, as it is necessary for determining eligibility.
  4. Sex: Specify your gender.
  5. Residential Address: Provide the complete address of your current residence.
    Town/Village/Area: Indicate the specific location of your residence.
  6. District: Mention the district where your residence is located.
  7. Region: Specify the region of Ghana where your residence falls under.
  8. Ghana Card/Passport: If available, bring your Ghana Card or Passport to the registration center.

Parental Information

In addition to personal details, prospective voters should also have the following information regarding their parents:

  1. Father’s Full Name: Provide the complete name of your father.
  2. Mother’s Full Name: Provide the complete name of your mother.
  3. Hometown Address: State the address of your parents’ hometown.
  4. Town/Village/Area: Specify the specific location of your parents’ hometown.
  5. District: Indicate the district where your parents’ hometown is situated.
  6. Region: Mention the region in Ghana where your parents’ hometown falls under.

Guarantor System:

During the Limited Voter Registration Exercise, the Electoral Commission maintains a guarantor system.

Prospective voters should be aware of the following details regarding their guarantors:

  1. Relationship: Clearly state the relationship between you and your guarantor.
  2. Contact Number: Provide a valid contact number for your guarantor.
  3. Voter ID Number: If applicable, mention the Voter ID number of your guarantor.
  4. Polling Station Code: Specify the unique code assigned to your guarantor’s polling station.
  5. Polling Station Name: Indicate the name of your guarantor’s polling station.

It is crucial to note that the 2020 Voter ID card, rather than the old version, is required for the registration process.

Prospective voters should ensure they possess the appropriate identification card to present at the registration center.



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