Nigeria: Child starved over alleged witchcraft: Couples arrested in Anambra State

parent of the starved child
parent of the starved child

A couple has been arrested for starving their 5-year-old daughter on grounds of alleged witchcraft.

The incident took place in Adazi-Ani village, located in the Anaocha Local Government Area of Anambra State.

The State Commissioner for Women and Social Welfare, Hon. Ify Obinabo, revealed this distressing information in a statement released on Thursday, September 7, 2023.

According to Hon. Obinabo, the child’s parents claimed that a pastor had labeled their daughter a witch. This unfounded accusation led them to subject the young girl to severe neglect and starvation.

The Commissioner, addressing the perpetrators at her office in Awka, emphasized her commitment to protecting the rights of every child in the state, regardless of their origin.

She vowed that the culprits would not escape justice for their heinous actions.

Hon. Obinabo expressed her gratitude to Mr. Ikenna Anoliefo, who intervened and rescued the child.

She commended his efforts and encouraged others to emulate his bravery in speaking out against such acts of abuse and injustice.

The suspects, identified as Mr. Michael Wosu, aged 47, from Rivers State, and Mrs. Blessing Michael, aged 23, from Akwa Ibom, both residents of Adazi-Ani, claimed that they were merely following their pastor’s prophecy that the child is a ‘witch’ and therefore did not deserve to live.

Shockingly, Blessing revealed that she even made the child sleep on a plank due to her alleged bedwetting and soiling incidents.

She attributed her husband’s misfortunes to the young girl and used that as justification for her inhumane treatment.

In contrast, Michael Wosu denied any knowledge of the ill-treatment inflicted upon the child, distancing himself from the horrific acts committed against her.

As of the time of reporting, the suspects remain in police custody, while the survivor is receiving much-needed medical treatment at an undisclosed hospital in Awka.



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